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As Egypt votes, pro-Morsi town, Kerdasa, testifies to brutal divide - Daily News Egypt

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As Egypt votes, pro-Morsi town, Kerdasa, testifies to brutal divide

Instead, defiant residents have posted pictures of Morsi, describing him as “the legitimate president”.

An Egyptian supporter of the banned Muslim brotherhood, sporting a T-shirt written on it "Glory for our Martyrs", walks in front of a wall decorated with images of ousted president Mohamad Morsi, with a slogan that reads "Our President, Dr. Mohamad Morsi"  in the village of Kirdassa, a hot bed for Islamists southeast of Cairo, May 26, 2014. Egyptians voted for a new president in an election expected to sweep to power the ex-army chief, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi,  who overthrew the country's first democratically-elected leader and crushed his Islamist movement.  (AFP PHOTO/ MARWAN NAAMANI)
An Egyptian supporter of the banned Muslim brotherhood, sporting a T-shirt written on it “Glory for our Martyrs”, walks in front of a wall decorated with images of ousted president Mohamad Morsi, with a slogan that reads “Our President, Dr. Mohamad Morsi” in the village of Kirdassa, a hot bed for Islamists southeast of Cairo on Monday.

AFP – As Egyptians vote for a president Monday, a gutted police building in the Muslim Brotherhood stronghold of Kerdasa stands as a

monument to the brutal divide left by the overthrow of Egypt’s Islamist leader.

The frontrunner is Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, the now retired army chief who ousted elected president Mohamed Morsi last July, in what many here call a bloody military coup.

Portraits of Sisi abound across the country, but they are mostly absent in this town southwest of Cairo, where just a trickle of voters turned out on Monday.

Instead, defiant residents have posted pictures of Morsi, describing him as “the legitimate president”.

Kerdasa took its place in history on 14 August last year, when a mob attacked a police station and killed 13 officers, mutilating their corpses.

The attack was savage revenge for the deaths of some 700 pro-Morsi protesters in Cairo that day.

As voting in the two-day election began, there were no festivities or ulalating women here, in contrast to polling stations elsewhere in Egypt.

Only three were open to voters, on the outskirts of the town, which lies 35 kilometres (25 miles) southwest from the capital.

“It’s to avoid a clash with rioters,” said a police officer guarding the polling station in a school, itself decorated with graffiti that said “down with military rule”.

“Sisi killed youths and now he is grabbing power. This is the biggest evidence that [Morsi’s ouster] was a coup,” said Mohamed Gamal, a Muslim Brotherhood member who has since spent five months in detention.

Morsi’s Brotherhood has been designated as a terrorist group and its leaders, including the deposed president, are in jail.

Sisi is expected to trounce his rival, leftist Hamdeen Sabbahi, riding a wave of popularity for ousting the divisive Morsi almost a year after his election.

Many in the country want to move on, with a strongman at the helm to restore stability in the most populous Arab country.

But not in Kerdasa, where run-down buildings are grimly festooned with stencilled pictures of pro-Morsi “martyrs” killed by the police in clashes.

“After all this blood spilled in Egypt and my city, there can’t be participation in this election,” said Mahmud al-Taghish, 23.

On the city’s outskirts, only several dozen men and women lined up to vote.

“We support Sisi because he has no particular ideology, only the country’s best interest,” said Mohamed Farag, an activist with the ultra-conservative Salafist Nour party.

The party sided with Sisi when he ousted Morsi, after millions of Egyptians took to the streets demanding his removal from power.

Following the 14 August attack, Kerdasa appears to have been mostly abandoned by police.

They swooped in on the city a month later to flush out wanted Islamists, in an operation that left a police general dead.

But with the town’s residents still smouldering, they have not tried to set up new headquarters, only conducting the occasional arrest operation, or sending in special forces to confront a protest.

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  • Reda Sobky

    I think Kirdasa should be divided into four towns, have its name changed to Medinat el Horia el Asila and all those who committed crimes removed to jails or banishment. Kirdasa represents all that is vile about the deposed, hateful and murderous, witness the poor copt they physically cut to pieces as Aswani wrote, none of them deserve better considering what they did to the police station. I don’t think there should be a Kirdasa any more as such and it should be an example for any town that behaves like this: forfeiture of the right to have their own jurisdiction, break it up and attach it to other towns, clean it out, what they did to the police station is beyond description and all those at Rabaa could have gone home and avoided the violence and many did and those who stayed to fight Egypt met their just fate-not so for the Police Martyrs the deposed barbarically murdered, no room in Egypt for these people, those who betray Egypt lose their right to be a part of it.

    • mkvali

      you are delusional , weak minded slave to the military rule i wish for you and the likes of you another 60 years of the same military rule that has turned your country into a failed backward country that only cares for the ones who have and steps on the poor ! People like you who call the military regime the state of egypt are the cowards and traitors of egypt because you don’t have the guts to stand for civilian rule and rather choose to live under military rule that has for the last 60 years proved that they only cater for their military interests and leave egyptians to fend for themselves over and over again ! military propaganda has consumed your mind but those who died in vain will inevitably see their hopes for a civilian ruled egypt become reality just a matter of time !

      • Reda Sobky

        Your message is from LA LA land , fantasy and idealization or else it is part of the propaganda machine of the deposed and the venom in it speaks for itself and maybe you should put yourself where your mouth is and move to ISIS territory yourself and tell us how it feels, what a dummy!

        • mkvali

          weak response from a weak mind with weak character , using the same trick as the imperialists and zionists who say that the only options for arab countries are autocrats or al qaida or isis, spineless Egyptians like you are the reason why Egyptian military elite has been able to enslave you to their rule for more than 60 years ! keep living in your overpopulated hepatitis infested poor and miserable country where quarter of the population is structurally poor, the arab generals oligarchs and monarchs in the middle east are only preventing the inevitable which is civilian rule , enough with western colonial puppets who serve themselves and their masters instead of their people which has resulted in the current societal devastation backwardness underdevelopment and betrayal of their own history culture and religion, the time when people represent people for the benefit of all people will come, while you will be shedding crocodile tears when your oppressive autocratic rulers you love so much have been exterminated !

          • Reda Sobky

            Your description of Egypt shows me that you have never been there and don’t know anything about the country, its history and current situation, the army is also an instrument of the people, and if you don’t get that you will never understand Egypt. I think you just love the sound of your voice shouting hateful speech in the wind. Amma el kalb bey how how, fee haad beisaal alieh? how how as much as you want.

          • mkvali

            the army is the instrument of the people,hahaha, are you a comedian of some sort ! by making such statements you show how far they got their stick up your a§§, you are neglecting reality by lying to yourself, you are so indoctrinated that you cannot envisage egypt without military dictators controlling everything, the army you are so proud of and which are a tool of the people like you said have ruled egypt for more than 60 years naguib nasser sadat mubarak and sissi , they are all members of the same military elite who have turned egypt into a failed state.

            To be against Mubarak in 2011 but not against the political power of the autocratic military institution that has given him the position opportunity and support during his 30 year rule is where the revolution has made its unforgivable mistake by giving the military autocrats the chance to reassert control once again. This military you say is the tool of the people saw nothing wrong in turning egypt into a failed state during the last 60 years with the highest rate of hepatitis , underdevelopment, backwardness, overpopulation, poverty, illetracy , sectarianism ect.

            nothing is going to convince you because your mind needs to believe that the generals are working for the best interests of egyptians even when you have 60 years of proof that they don’t because you wouldnt be in the situation you are in if they had prioritized the interests of the entire egyptian people instead of their own and their masters , just look how these generals are enforcing gaza siege and closing the rafah border and telling you that those who resist occupation and status quo are terrorists just like zionists and imperialists do, why doesnt it confuse you when those who are helping egypt out are the same autocratic countries who themselves oppress their people while they havent given any help when the generals weren’t controlling everything, you should be proud of that as an democratic egyptian !

            If you think a military institution can solve all the problems of a country by enforcing autocratic oppressive exclusive and violent rule where people are being jailed tortured and killed while in a democratic country they need the entire mobilization and presence of all civilians in every part of society to reach that goal than you will accept that what is going on in Egypt is only a joke and the ones who are laughing are the generals and the egyptian elite who have reasserted their control and will once again leave the majority of egyptians in the same place where they were in before the revolution but for someone like you who says that the military are a tool of the people you will see nothing wrong with that even if around 5000 egyptians are dead and buried and thousands are in jail. good luck with your mental health !

          • Reda Sobky

            The failed state is the state of your mind. Egypt will prevail even over your hateful sentiments and predictions, eat it.

          • mkvali

            you can deny the painful truth as much as you want but reality will catch up and it will not be the generals and the elite who will pay the price but it will be the majority of poor egyptian people who will have to deal with it ! if you think a nation of 90 million people have the luxury to sit on their lazy a§§ like they did for the last 30 years and think they will solve their massive problems by entrusting criminal murderous generals to do the work which in any other country takes the participation and inclusion of all civilians in every department of society to come together and work for a better tomorrow than i can tell you now already that you and the likes of you will be in for a surprise ! to overcome your slave mentality it takes courage and sacrifice but the likes of you rather live in fear than to face their military leaders who for the last 60 years have lost every war they participated in, sold out the Palestinians so they can get money which they used to enrich themselves and their military institution instead of investing it into their people,they have for decades jailed killed and tortured their own people and led their country into massive underdevelopment ! I stand with the majority of eygptians who believe in civilian rule and the end of the military rule ! all the billions of the autocratic arab leaders will not suffice to end the undeniable right of the people of the middle east and the muslim world to create societies ruled by civilians runned by civilians and led by civilians instead of military autocrats monarchs and oligarchs, eat that my best friend !

          • Reda Sobky

            The dichotomy of civilian vs military really haunts you. I am sorry you feel so bad about it but survival in the middle eastern jungle sometimes requires a society to rely on leaders derived from the military to take charge and take it to safe harbor. These are very turbulent times in which an organized gang with a cult like hateful ideology attempted to usurp power and hegemonic control over society. To overthrow this religious racket the vast majority of the society supported the military in restoring civil order again and guaranteeing a road map to a mixed representative electoral system with constitutional guarantees. All that has been fulfilled and now it is time for a parliamentary contest for party rule and most likely it will be coalitions competing. This is what happens when a society is successful not the religious thuggism we witnessed with the deposed. All those from the love of Egypt is supreme came together and supported the writing of the new constitution and President Sisi was elected by an overwhelming majority. If you don’t like this, you are not a friend of Egypt and have your own private agenda, both of which are OK but you don’t need to get so worked up about it because if you are Egyptian I would say hurry and put yourself up for election. If you are not Egyptian then it is strange you would get so worked up, after all, it is not your country and others are free to live as they wish not withstanding what you think.

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