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Voting runs smoothly on final day of House of Representatives elections

NEA Head Lashin Ibrahim said that the authority communicates constantly with judicial…

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Voting goes ‘smoothly’ on second day of parliamentary elections

First phase of voting took place on 24-25 October, with results to…

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Egyptian expats start voting in House of Representative elections

Minister Nabila Makram calls on Egyptians abroad to exercise their legal, constitutional…

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Egyptians cast ballots on last day of voting abroad in presidential election

Polling station results of election abroad will be sent to Egypt in…

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140 delegates to asses diplomatic missions to host election voting

Two-day workshop started on Tuesday to train members about procedures of electoral…

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SU Federation to decide on a common stance on officials in general assembly

The call for assembly follows State Council decision to vacate elections results

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New parliament secretary-general appointed

Elections repeated in four constituencies; independents made gains against parties

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Elections continue in Beheira, Alexandria, Beni Suef

Thirteen remaining individual seats to be re-elected

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Election results for second phase announced

43% of parliamentary members party-affiliated: SEC

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Elections transparent, some violations: Arab League report

Final report of observatory mission to be issued on parliamentary elections

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