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House of Representatives rejects calls by British parliament to access Morsi

The foreign affairs committee in the Egyptian Parliament has rejected on Wednesday calls by three British members of parliament who requested that Egyptian authorities allow them to visit the country’s jailed former president Mohamed Morsi, raising concerns about his health. The committee also condemned accusing British newspaper The Guardian of “falsely claiming with no proof …

Adham Youssef

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Cassation Court postpones the appeal of Morsi to 3 June

On Saturday, Egypt’s Cassation Court postponed to 3 June the appeal of former president Mohammed Morsi and six others in the case known in media outlets as “Qatar espionage”. On 18 June 2016, the Cairo Criminal Court has sentenced Morsi and his secretary to life in prison, and sentenced two others to death, when they …

Daily News Egypt

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The Coptic Church’s Faustian bargain

It didn’t take long for the regime to crack down on Islamist and secular opposition after the military takeover on 3 July 2013. Anyone speaking out against regime injustices was discredited as a Muslim Brotherhood member and loyalist to the deposed president Mohamed Morsi. In a sense, a great opportunity was afforded to Coptic Christians to …

Wael Eskandar

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The memory of 30 June uprising through people’s eyes  

Three years later, with all of the political turmoil, economic changes, the breaking up of the Rabaa Al-Adaweya sit-in, hundreds of other marches against the “military coup”, and Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi’s ruling system, people are still torn between celebrating the day the Brotherhood’s era came to an end and mourning the start of a regime in which one of Egypt’s worst massacres took place and that has taken away freedoms.

Daily News Egypt