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Does the United States not know what’s happening in Egypt?

In the loud conversations that occurred before and after the removal of Morsi, some stressed the importance of explaining the truth about what is going on in Egypt to political and media circles in the west. The conversations were directed specifically to the United States, on the basis that the information reaching those circles is …

Farid Zahran
Farid Zahran

In the loud conversations that occurred before and after the removal of Morsi, some stressed the importance of explaining the truth about what is going on in Egypt to political and media circles in the west. The conversations were directed specifically to the United States, on the basis that the information reaching those circles is incorrect or inaccurate, maybe due to the weakness of their sources or a bias to one party over the other. Those people, keen on getting the information across, were blaming the American embassy in Cairo, specifically Anne Patterson, for the wrong information on which Washington DC was basing its position regarding the events taking place in Cairo. They also believed that Patterson was sending wrong information because she was siding with the Muslim Brotherhood.

I think we cannot explain Patterson’s position by saying that she is leaning towards the Brotherhood, since I doubt she is a “member” or sympathises with them. I also doubt that the US depends on information sent from the American embassy only. It is known for anyone involved in politics that the American administration collects information from several sources including the American embassy, no matter how powerful the ambassador is. Therefore, one can deduce that Washington must know all the details concerning what is happening in Egypt. However, one cannot justify some of the American positions that seem odd or illogical to some people by relating it to inaccurate information.

These odd positions are due to two reasons. Firstly, the situation relates to the interests of the United States rather than any principals to which the administration is committed as believed by some political amateurs. Those naive individuals think the US sides with democracy, protects minorities and defends women’s rights as advertised by American media and political propaganda.

US interests are a matter of dispute, since they are not the ones advertised, but rather those of the governing elite with their different institutions and political trends. For instance, some may believe that the US is only concerned with opening communication channels with Iran, and reaching some agreement without any escalation or tension. That might be explained by the American wish to ensure peace in the Gulf and the Middle East, thus providing Israel with some security. Others may assume that those interests relate to garnering international and regional support to enable them to conduct some military action against Iran. At the end, the US depends on a myriad of information provided by several institutions, with the CIA at on the top of the list, followed by the Department of Defence, the State Department and some research centres. Therefore, they are provided with many scenarios and possibilities as to what can be done, including a failsafe option, approved by the governing elite.

People believed that the American estimation of the situation translated into the necessity of delivering the authority of the region and Egypt to the Islamist political movement. US interests in the region have three main goals: Firstly, building some Sunni support in the face of the Shi’a “danger,” which is supported by Russia, and maybe China. Secondly, providing Israel with a sense of security, and thirdly executing the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) reformative economic program in Egypt. Depending on the performance of the Brotherhood during the past year, one can see that they were efficiently implementing those goals, more so than during Mubarak’s regime, which was accused of its inability to fulfil them. The Brotherhood was successful in supervising a truce between Hamas and Israel, which added legitimacy to Hamas’ representation of the Gaza Strip, which officially divided the Palestinian people with the blessing of the Egyptian government for the first time. This might lead to Gaza’s independence or it being under Egypt’s administration, which would carry out Netanyahu’s vision and eliminate the Palestinian state: Jordan would handle the West Bank while Egypt handles Gaza.

The Brotherhood also severed all connections to the Syrian regime and announced Jihad, but because the army did not side with them they refrained from sending troops to Syria. They also garnered public support of Sunni against the Shi’a, to the extent of prompting the massacre that happened against Shi’a families in the Abu Mussalam village near Cairo.

Finally, Morsi was successful in implementing the IMF’s severe economic austerity measures such as removing subsidies.

However, handing power to the Islamist political movement harms American interests in the near and far future. One recalls how the World Trade Centre was wrecked due to Washington’s alliance with Bin Laden and the Taliban, and how Sadat was killed due to his association with the Brotherhood and Islamic organisations in Egypt.

In the end, democratic powers will only object to American interests if they intend to militarise the region and push it into several wars. Democratic powers are capable of providing internal and external peace, while providing Egyptians with a good life that would eventually expel terrorism and tyranny. The question is, however, will Washington insist on pushing Egypt into a civil war by cooperating with fascist powers?

The second reason for American support of the Brotherhood is that the governing elite’s future is linked to that of the Islamist political movement, which they have been supporting for years. The removal of Morsi by a popular revolution and the army means a great blow to all Islamist organisations not only in Egypt, but the entire region. Therefore the ambassador, along with the elite, has become directly involved in the conflict, trying to prove the power of the Brotherhood and its moderation. Recent events proved, however, that they are neither more powerful than the people nor are they moderate, as Al-Qaeda flags flutter over their protests, and their armed movements in Sinai and around the Republican Guard headquarters show.

Overthrowing the Brotherhood in Egypt and the region simply means that the elimination of the American governing elite and the end of its political and academic future.

To those who support the Brotherhood in Washington: What you are doing might end in terrorist actions against American and European targets. If some American circles believe that an Egyptian civil war will help weaken it and preserve Israel, well, I believe that Egypt will not witness one since most people stand united against the Brotherhood. The same goes for the army, police, judiciary and most media figures. Therefore, there is no division in society that might lead to a civil war. On the other hand, such war will not be beneficial to the region or the entire world, and will jeopardise the security of any involved party.

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58 responses to “Does the United States not know what’s happening in Egypt?

    1. I agree, but why the angry tone? Egyptians think nothing of voicing their opinions about US business, foreign or domestic.

    1. well said. Of course, as the secret political police are reconstituted, the original revolutionaries are seeing the forest for the trees. While this may have been a coup by popular mandate, that doesn’t mean the people who seize power have no selfish intentions. Power corrupts. The funny thing is, if the military and old regime forces suppress the ikhwan too much, they will have no one to blame when the country falls flat trying to overcome the massive challenges it faces and the heightened expectations. If the govt could have met them under Mubarak, they would have. The counter-revolution will fail, it’s just a matter of time. I’m hoping egypt doesn’t fall into fascism in the meantime (and btw I’m not referring to the ikhwan, Mr. Sisi in your Mubarak life uniform and shades)

  1. Dear Mr President Obama:

    Please don’t play double games when spreading democracy in the name of fighting terrorism. The killing of the unarmed civilian protesters by the Egyptian army was terrorism. A democratic government can only be brought down by a democratic process, no matter how long or painful that process would be, as long as it is democratically possible at all.

    Please take the right decision now: acknowledge a coup to be a coup and no more, no matter how much popular support there is for the coup. Otherwise, don’t hope to spread any democracy at all.

    Thank you!!!

  2. Morsi may have been elected democratically. (Despite being the only alternative to the Mubarak Sympathizer) But his term in leadership seeked to detroy democracy from the get go. By giving himself executive powers, he did exactly what the people of Egypt did not want. Except for the few extremist who love to be told how to practice their religion – Morsi did nothing to unite Egypt after the most popular revolution this decade. The fact is, after a revolution, Egypt needed a popular President. What they got was a president with very unpopular policies. Morsi and the brotherhood need to learn that political Islam is not for everybody. Until they realise this, they can never unite Egypt. God Bless the people of Egypt – you are now witnessing a true revolution. America, it may be easy to get a political islamist on board, but you have every right to scratch your head, this is arab nationalism.

    1. he gave himself executive powers (which were temporary from the start) in order to fire the the Mubarak-appointed General Prosecutor (who by the way was reinstated on the day of the Coup). It was actually in revolutionary interests, but no one seemed to care. I am so sick of people using this example

    2. You mean give himself temporary executive powers to stop the judiciary from continuing to destroy Egypts elected sectors? I support that!

  3. Mr. Zahran, thank you for your analysis and commentary, which I read with interest. However, I will suggest that the real problem in Washington is not the secret, narrow goals of America’s “ruling elite.” Instead, incredible though it may seem, political correctness has so clouded the thinking of American liberals, especially including the Obama administration, that they are unable to grasp the fact that those, such as Mr. Morsi, who hold extreme religious views–excepting only those parties with gun in hand–may not share their democratic agenda. Thus American liberals are incapable of perceiving the true goals of Mr. Morsi’s Brotherhood and are resistant to any and all evidence that Morsi’s rule was, in fact, anti-democratic. Simply put, they are blinded by the fact that Mr. Morsi attained power through the ballot box, which–as you well know–is really quite irrelevant after the fact. Even more incredibly, many leading conservatives, such as former Presidential candidate John McCain, seem to share this “politically correct” flawed perception, as seen in Mr. McCain’s proposal to sever foreign aid to Egypt on account of the apparently quite necessary recent action by Egypt’s military. As an ordinary American of goodwill toward Egypt, I hope that Egypt may somehow come to enjoy real democracy and real prosperity, believing that such is the stuff of which genuine peace–not only with Israel but among all parties–in the Middle East must be made.

    1. As an American I appreciated your informative post to the Egyptians. The people of Egypt need to know we do not support the misguided,liberal, twisted thinking of our president and his cronies.
      Thank you.

  4. Our president supports the Muslim Brotherhood (a bunch of terrorists) but is leading the American public to believe that they are helping Egypt…Obama is not out to help Egyptians or Americans…He is a selfish, manipulative Terrorist! Impeach Obama!

    1. you clearly don’t understand Islamist movements or political Islam. Just another fool buying into military propaganda that Muslim Brotherhood are all a bunch of terrorists. It is laughable. No academia even supports these notions.

      1. Micah you mean to tell me that the Muslim brotherhood is not supporting radical Islam? I wonder how you know that?

        1. There is an obvious reason that western countries dont consider MB as a terror organization while they consider groups like Hamas as one. Most academia and scholars support this viewpoint. Radical islam is a vague term. There are many that would consider a person to be an adherent of radical islam for believing in quran. Anyways, we were talking about terror

          1. I can understand your confusion on the US not naming them a terror organization, because this is there goal in the West..”The process of settlement is a “Civilization-Jihadist Process” with all the word means. The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.

          2. Europe doesn’t consider them a terrorist organization nor any other country in the world. Because, quite frankly, they aren’t.

          3. You know nothing about the US, several states have voted on allowing Shariah law in certain situations, some have even passed it…and yes I do support the Tea Party here, because they are fighting to uphold the American constitution, I don’t want Shariah law in the US. By the way, is anybody who disagrees with your outrageous viewpoint and ignorance considered Islam phobic, because it sounds like a lot of Egyptians weren’t happy with the Brotherhood either…that’s probably why they demanded change!!! lol

          4. Katy, if you’re so sharp, a few simple questions: 1) why didn’t Pres Bush label the MB a terror organization after 9/11? 2) Which states have VOTED (as you stated) or otherwise officially passed laws to allow Shariah (please be specific, you have 50 states to choose from and a number of territories I’ll even give you… course you’ll need a reference to your bogus claims) 3) If you believe in rule by protest, then why don’t you support the US army overthrowing Obama after the tea party held massive demonstrations across the country? Obviously, he was unpopular, why even bother to have an election in 2012 when we all knew he would lose based on the massive protests? Oh wait… hate it when that happens.

          5. If the US army would overthrow Obama I would gladly support that, unfortunately I haven’t heard any talk about this….I would also like to add here, that is America we have an impeachment process, if a president does something bad enough their are ways to remove our president without complete chaos and widespread violence. I don’t know if Egypt has anything like this with their newer democracy, but if they did it probably would not have been very effective, seeing as how the military has thrown the MB out for their inability to run the country, and they still don’t get the message. And, once again it’s the right of the people to express their views and desires of politicians, that is why we have protest. Anyways, they did have big protest, but apparently not enough people agreed with them and Obama was elected in 2012. Maybe the tea parties and anti-MB Egyptians should join forces against Obama and his lackies…..hahaha… I think the point you are trying to make is that Morsi claims he was elected fairly and maybe he was, but if enough Egyptians are upset with his governing they should have the right to demand change, in this case they needed help from the military because of the stubbornness of the MB losers. The whole point of having a democracy is that it serves and represents the people of a nation.

          6. http://shariahinamericancourts.com/

            Shariah Law and American State Courts: An Assessment of State Appellate Court Cases evaluates 50 Appellate Court cases from 23 states that involve conflicts between Shariah (Islamic law) and American state law.

            15 Trial Court cases, and 12 Appellate Court cases, where Shariah was found to be applicable in these particular cases. The facts are the facts: some judges are making decisions deferring to Shariah law even when those decisions conflict with Constitutional protections. Some states haven’t taken action banning Sharia law because they are afraid it may violate freedom of religion, which CAIR has argued. Also, there are many Western countries, who may not have totally implemented Sharia, but allow it’s practice to certain extents and turn the other cheek.

          7. Lol, you are a paranoid islamaphobe. No one is trying to implement Shariah in USA and it will never happen. It is “legal” in some states by default because there are no laws against it. It is like saying Unicorn Hotdogs are legal because the FDA hasn’t ever banned them (because they don’t exist). The anti-Shariah movement id discriminatory hate. It assumes American Muslims have some agenda to implement Shariah when they don’t.

          8. Ooohhh I see you believe in unicorns, did your MB friends tell those are real too, poor thing you are too gullible…

          9. I agree with that. I also agree that we can make radical groups and terrorists from any religious group. Once they commit genocide we can call them terrorist. We do this even if a small percentage of that group is the problem.

      2. Micah, you clearly don’t know how to think for yourself….If the MB is so great, why were they outlawed, I’m sure it’s not because they are all nice and sweet and tolerant of others beliefs….

        1. did I say they were great? Also, you mean they were outlawed under illegitimate authoritarian regimes and military rulerships and police states? great example. They were outlawed because they were the most serious political competition posed to the dictator.

        2. “Micah, you clearly don’t know how to think for yourself…” – yes, i understand everyone thinks everyone else who doesn’t agree with them is a sheep who can’t think for themselves because they couldn’t possibly have reached their conclusion without thinking for themselves.

          Anti-Shariah laws have nothing to do with security. It has all to do with creating a bunch of fear over a problem that doesn’t exist, then pretending to fix the problem with a solution, thereby galvanizing support for the political figure.

          1. Who said Sharia law has anything to do with security?? In my country we believe in equal rights for EVERYONE, that’s how it is supposed to be, Sharia law is kinda the opposite, anyways, I never said that implementing Sharia law would harm security, you claimed that Sharia law was not being used in any way in the US and you are wrong. In America we also have freedom of religion, there were steps being taken to ban the use of Sharia law by several states, CAIR has argued that banning these laws is unconstitutional and may harm Muslims. It is ignorant for you to assume some Muslim Americans would not try to implement the laws of their religion, especially in private family matters. Many people who are devout to their religion use it as guidance in their lives…Believe it or not, there is some actual truth to the actions of SOME politicans.

            In June 2009, a family court judge in Hudson County, N.J., denied a restraining order to a woman who testified that her husband, a Muslim, had forced her to have non-consensual sex. Judge Joseph Charles Jr. said he did not believe the man “had a criminal desire to or intent to sexually assault” his wife because he was acting in a way that was “consistent with his practices.” This is an example of the differences in Sharia law and American laws, and shows how it is very difficult to uphold both laws, in America it is illegal for a man to rape a women…whether she is his wife or not. The fear of certain Americans is that by allowing the use of Sharia law, some people may lose their rights and freedoms that they are guaranteed by American laws, this includes Muslim women too.
            So unfortunately Micah you are wrong again with simple, cut and dry answers…..

          2. blah blah blah, CAIR said it was unconstitutional because it is INSULTING, as I said before. How would you like it if a bunch of people got together and started a campaign to “Ban Christians from Committing Genocide and to Make their Efforts Illegal?”

            Ya, kind of insulting. It proposes the idea that Christians are trying to kill others and are savages. Just like creating anti-Shariah Laws proposes the idea that Muslims in America are trying to impose their religion on the whole of society with an iron fist.

      3. Here is your evidence that MB are terrorists..”Allah is our objective; the Quran is our law, the Prophet is our leader; Jihad is our way; and death for the sake of Allah is the highest of our aspirations.”

        1. Ok, how does their original manifesto demonstrate they are terrorists? Because they used the word “Jihad” ? LOL. The word “Jihad” is like the new boogeyman these days. Seriously. And Jihad means struggle. They also refer to their anti-Coup peaceful protests in the street as being a Jihad, and constantly tell their followers to not kill another Muslim, and should they be attacked, let them be killed instead of kill them back. You should follow the common rhetoric in their statements rather than focusing on a century old manifesto statement.

          1. Yes, Jihad does mean struggle, the problem comes when people who are not Muslim, therefor they probably are not interested in an internal struggle, this is where forced conversions, terrorism, and intimidation come into play….The MB believe that they have a right to force there views on others, and they simply don’t. They also seem to think those that do not agree with their views are inferior to them. The MB has made it clear they do not like the West and how we do things, so it is very naïve for one to think that the MB would have much respect for Democracy…They may have led you to believe they do, because that is what’s convenient for them at this time. However, from their own words it’s clear this is not true.

      4. Also MB has been labeled as a terrorist organization in Russia, and the only reason the US has not done the same is because the MB “make up the U.S. Islamic community’s most organized force” and they run many mosques and businesses in the US, and Obama is currently and has been a big fan of the MB, for some unknown reason…

        1. Russia? Great example! the same country that wiped out a quarter of Chechnya’s population, bans women from their free choice of wearing hijabs to school, and is known for raiding mosques and doing mass arrests against people without even identifying them. Their human rights records are atrocious. Please find me a civilized progressive country that considers the MB to be terrorists.

          1. Hey, I never said Russia was a great country…but if they (of all people) believe the MB are a terrorist organization then it must be true…you said yourself they aren’t exactly concerned with people’s civil rights!

          2. post-soviet states also think Hizb Ut Tahrir is a terrorist organization too. Russia thinks you’re worthy of arrest for having beards. No, not a good example.

            I know the history of MB, don’t lecture me.

            Yes, actions speak louder than words. Now go pay attention to what the MB is actually doing, what the general rhetoric by their leaders is saying, and what their support-base in the streets are doing. Don’t type up a page of accusations about MB without supporting points or evidence. MB don’t conduct violence and don’t have a policy for violence. The only people being killed on a massive scale in the streets of Egypt is none other than MB supporters who are unarmed (unless you believe a few short snippets released by the military showing grainy and extremely fuzzy footage of a masked guy holding a gun).

          3. Sweetie, I won’t continue to waste my time lecturing, your so lost and apparently brainwashed it would be pointless, try to think for yourself if possible, come’on just try a little…open your eyes…

          4. What is the MB actually doing….lying and deceiving ignorant people, manipulating every political step for their advantage, breeding hate and instigating violence. Nope not terrorism at all……

          5. “The Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan) was founded in 1928 by Hassan al-Banna, an Egyptian schoolteacher. He sought a world wide caliphate governed by Islamic law (Sharia).” Do you know about Hitler?? I’m not sure if he was actually labeled a terrorist back in the day, but it’s probably safe to say he would qualify and his ultimate goal was very comparable to the MB…

          6. Also, I would read more into the MB statements if it wasn’t just a bunch of crap. They can claim to be peaceful and moderate, but actions speak louder than words….

          7. You should do more research on this oppressive, terrorist group you are defending so passionately. The MB are “The beginnings of all the religious terrorism that we are witnessing today were in the Muslim Brotherhood’s ideology .. all those who worked with bin-Laden and al-Qaida went out under the mandate of the Muslim Brotherhood.” The MB has also taken part in most pro Islamic conflicts, if they are all about peace, why do they pop up every time violence goes down?? Oh ya, proabably because they helped instigate it…

  5. Have the Americans forgotten about 9/11?? Why would we want to support this?? Not only support it, but empower and spread it??

    1. Please shutup with the 9/11 wildcard. It is getting old. I suppose you think a genocide would be justifiable so long as you remind everyone not to forget 9/11. Seriously. Shut up

  6. I am been in Egypt through all of this revolution. I never enjoyed Egyptians more than I did during the period around 25 January. Egypt and its people were wonderful. Now on the “confused” American attitude. I wish Egyptians would read their own positions as this revolution has progressed and their press. What is true one second is not true the next. Every time any one is against anyone, the “other” is a “tool” of the Americans. Even today The Brothers say the US supported a military coup while the democratic opposition says the US supports The Brothers. This is a game in Egyptian politics. Had the US ever said anything “bad” about Morsy, Egyptians would have claimed he was the greatest leader of Egypt, not since Nasser but since Ramses II. Morsy had no White House visit nor did Obama stop in Egypt on his last ME trip.
    There is a comment below that is true. Why do Egyptians care what the US says or what the US position is? If the US approves of what is happening here or not is not important. What is important is that the people of Egypt approve of what is happening.
    History in Egypt is being made. I can assure you no one knows what is going on. History may prove US concerns are quite valid or not. As far as the revolution goes, it is still cooking. “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.” The end results are important – not the steps and misteps along the way.

    1. The reason Egyptian politicians care about what the US says is because it has been sending Egypt billions of dollars each year in aid.I can assure you the American people are outraged that this money went to support the Muslim Brotherhood.
      Americans did not back our government and we stand with the Egyptian people in ousting the Muslim Brotherhood.

      1. The money, by treaty, goes not to Egypt’s geneal fund. It goes to the Egyptian Army – today’s heros. Not to the Brothers.

        1. Yes as I understand it America and Egypt have a very complex arrangement as far as the monies sent to Egypt. Egyptians get a large amount of military supplies and other things from America, in turn this helps the American economy too. This could be part of the reason for American concerns because some of the items sent to Egypt are basically bought on a credit card, because of treaties that have been in place between Egypt and USA for some time, and until recent events this relationship was very beneficial to both of us.

      2. Please check out the Camp David Accord and you will see that the US sends 1.3 billion for this year (maybe), to keep the Israeli boarder safe. The agreement also restricted the amount of troops that could be in the Sinai. Sissi did something very interesting shortly after he was placed in his role by the ex president Morsi, he informed both the US and Israel that the security part of the treaty was no longer going to be honored. This has allowed for the security of the boarders and tunnels that was not possible before. Egypt is no longer being a puppet of Israel or the US, at least not the new government that is currently in place.

  7. how about this: American’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood comes from the fact that they were the government, and U.S. has positive relations with most foreign governments. Duh. Real simple. They will have positive relations with the next democratically elected government either.

    It’s madness to expect the government to pick and choose who they work with, when the ballot decided who is in the gov. The U.S. played that game with Hamas in Palestine after the 2006 elections and it didn’t go so well.

    These arguments of America’s support to the Ikhwan are getting so stupid

    1. How about you are the one who is so naive and stupid to claim that united states have good relations with middle eastern countries! Only Saudi Arabia is excluded ( oil reasons ) and supporting Sunni over shia ( Iran ). Egyptian people would not tolerate Us supporting Mb on their account.

      1. Lol, u all tolerated U.S. supporting mubarak for 30 years. USA has positive relations with almost all un-democratic dictators in the middle east, so of course US is going to have relations with a democratically elected government such as MB. Thats the least they can do. It doesnt mean USA thinks MB was their top choice. Quite the opposite.

        But I see Saudi Arabia is supporting Sissi now.

        1. Yes,Mubarak was not terrorizing people in the streets or Sinai!Even if,that does not mean people should tolerate this all their life! That’s why it’s called a revolution! US government is supporting Mb even before they were elected by announcing results prior to the official ones.It’s a pattern of factors too obvious to Egyptians. Why is it supporting Mb now for example, even though millions were on the streets on the 30th of June demanding ousting Morsy!
          If you want to dig deeper,USA is supporting Zionism agendas who would prefer Mb in power for many reasons;one would be,peace between Hamas and ISRAEL which they immediately achieved once they got in power.
          finally.who is “U”,you mentioned above? Please,do not mislead the reader and delve in this subject deeper before uttering words out of your mouth!
          all Respect to the American people who know the truth and demanding Us prez to listen to the Egyptian people whilst the congress is demanding the same too.

          1. Lol, quit making stuff up. US did not announce election results before official results. That was MB. And guess what? the official results were accurate. If you don’t like it, then blame the international groups for all saying they were accurate elections and feel free to cook up some conspiracy theory how the United Nations is also secretely in kahootz with the MB and the whole world secretly loves Political Islamists. Right. Now back to reality: U.S. supports all democratically elected governments. It’s not like MB was their first choice. Seriously, why in the world would U.S. favor a Political Islam group in Egypt, yet they hate Political Islam everywhere else?

            Also, violence in the Sinai started during the January 2011 revolution and continued to escalate even before MB were even in power. Again, GET REAL. Educate yourself. Read. I take it you probably just watch your Egyptian military-dictated news with a bunch of celebrities trash talking MB and idiots telling you all to arrest Syrians and Palestinians on the street.

            Right, Zionism supports MB so much, which is why Israel wants to destroy Hamas and why they called Sisi a “hero for all Jews” and congratulated Egyptians. You fools really believe anything that fits your scope of understanding.

            It doesn’t matter how many people were in the streets on June 30, rioting and protesting doesn’t replace the ballot. Secondly, it was the Military who ousted Morsi. If they really gave a damn about the people, then where was the military on January 2011 when ALL Egyptians were united and calling for Mubarak’s ouster? Why do they only come to the aid of the people when only some sectors of society are rebelling, while others are supporting the democratically elected government? Your Military didn’t come to the people’s aid when they were united, but they came to your aid when Egypt was divided. You fools. You are blind if you can’t see the Military is running your country and exploited June 30 protesters like prostitutes. And now you have chosen Egypt’s future to continue under a pseudo-Democracy with Military rulers that continue to rule Egypt in actuality.

            Are you so blind that Egypt had more freedom in the last year than it has ever had in history? The fact that television channels could broadcast hatred against Morsi for 24 hours, 7 days per week, and were not shut down for 1 minute, speaks volumes. I question whether there will be that sort of press freedom again.

  8. What is happening in Egypt, should be happening in all democracies around the world.

    If the majority of the people are not happy with the performance of their elected leader, they have the right to oust them.

    Just like what happens with a manager in professional sports, if the manager isn’t producing the results, they are asked to leave regardless of how long is left on their contract.

    If this where to happen in the US, UK, Europe or Australia, then governments chosen, “by the people”, “for the people” might actually become a reality.

    Because it seems so far , governments have been “elected” by the corporations, for the corporations.

    It is more than time for “we the people” to see and be benefited from governments that utilize the “principle of co-operative ownership”.

    Because truly, this is the only way, where all will benefit.
    It is often said, who is at fault, the slave seller or the slave buyer?

    Well in fact, it is the slaves, as they out number, both seller and owners, Yet fear their lives, at least when one is dead, one is free.
    And all humans are “human energy slaves” in one cause or another, for one effect or another.
    One can kill most of the people, most of the time, but one cannot kill all the people, all the time, because who then will one get help from, when all you got is yourself?

  9. Not all Americans agree with what our politicians decide. My prayers for all of Egypt. Everyone should have the right to voice their opinions without being killed.

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