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Myanmar makes a new attempt at unity

A peace conference between Myanmar’s long-embattled government and ethnic minorities has begun under Aung San Suu Kyi’s supervision. Can her history and charisma help overcome decades of civil war and mistrust?

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Opinion: A birthday child with little cause for celebration

Over 70 years ago, the United Nations was founded in New York. Although the UN is needed more urgently than ever, the organization’s influence in the world is shockingly limited, writes DW’s Daniel Scheschkewitz. The Middle East is about to implode. The Syrian Civil War has brought the world superpowers to the brink of a …

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Germany Foreign Minister Frank Walter Steinmeier

Steinmeier’s futile diplomacy in Saudi Arabia and Iran

The problem of Syria’s civil war came up frequently on German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s recent trip to Saudi Arabia and Iran. Solutions to it did not. DW’s Dagmar Engel traveled with the minister. “We are not here as mediators.” During his trip to the Middle East, the German foreign minister would use variations of …

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James M Dorsey

Syrian football: Succeeding against the odds

  By James M. Dorsey Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s political fortunes are looking up on more than one battlefield. Even as Russian military intervention appears to have given Al-Assad’s government a new lease on life, sending its football team out to play World Cup qualifying matches allows it to project an image of normality, despite four …

James Dorsey

Syria presidential candidacy to open this month: Minister

AFP – Candidates for presidential elections in Syria this year will be able to submit their applications during the last 10 days of April, state media reported, quoting Information Minister Omran Al-Zohbi. The minister also insisted that the elections would proceed on time, despite a raging civil war that has killed more than 150,000 people. …

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