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South Cairo Electricity Distribution company to transform overhead lines to ground cables this year

The South Cairo Electricity Distribution Company will finish transforming its overhead electric lines into ground cable throughout this year. The implementation has reached 88% thus far. Hossam Afifi, head of the South Cairo Electricity Distribution Company, said that there are some objections from the residents of the area that may impact the implementation. Agreements are …

Daily News Egypt

Developing Egypt’s natural gas network essential for economic activity

Projects to develop and improve the efficiency of Egypt’s national natural gas network are currently underway as gas transmission is essential for various economic and domestic activities across Egypt, said Minister of Petroleum Tarek El-Molla El-Molla explained that these developments are necessary to meet the increase in consumption and to accommodate the changes occurring in …

Mohamed Samir

Supply Ministry increases subsidies, issues special category cards 

The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade has been able to make some accomplishments over the past period through providing services or decisions that contribute to reducing the burden on citizens through increased subsidies for ration cards. Individual subsidies on ration cards increased by 138% from EGP 21 to EGP 50 starting in July 2017, …

Basma Tharwat

$23m for the development of Petroleum Marine Services Company: El-Badawi

Continuous development of national companies working in the field of construction and petroleum services is of essential importance, said Petroleum Minister Tarek El-Molla on Sunday. He added that the ministry aims to provide full support to Egyptian petroleum companies, in their work in Egypt or projects abroad, to cope with the new stage of the …

Daily News Egypt

235,600 tonnes Egypt’s imports of butane gas in December 2017

Egypt’s imports of butane gas during the month of December increased by 42,000 tonnes, reaching 235,600 tonnes compared with 193,500 tonnes in December 2016. In December 2017, the consumption of butane gas reached 375,800 tonnes compared with 386,300 tonnes in December 2016, down by 11,000 tonnes. The production of butane gas was stable during December …

Daily News Egypt