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Obama nominates new American ambassador to Egypt

Robert Stephen Beecroft, the potential ambassador, has been ambassador to Iraq since…

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USAID supports entrepreneurship in Luxor

Over 150 entrepreneurs, 20 mentors and 4 judges were present at the…

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Nine dead and 86 injured in clashes between pro- and anti-Morsi protesters

Clashes erupt early morning on Tuesday in Rabaa Al-Adaweya and Al-Nahda Square

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Does the United States not know what’s happening in Egypt?

In the loud conversations that occurred before and after the removal of…

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US Embassy recalls families of nonessential staff before 30 June

Days after the death of an American citizen in Alexandria, the Egyptian…

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Pride and Prejudice

Certain things are deemed unforgivable here and hot-headed, self proclaimed defenders of…

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