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Al-Sisi calls for green light to fight “terrorism”

Minister of Defence calls on Egyptians to take to the streets on Friday to authorise the army to “confront terrorism”

Minister of Defence Abdul Fatah Al-Sisi has called on Egyptians to take to the streets on Friday to authorise the army to “confront violence and terrorism.” (Photo from Military Spokesman Facebook Page)
Minister of Defence Abdul Fatah Al-Sisi has called on Egyptians to take to the streets on Friday to authorise the army to “confront violence and terrorism.”
(Photo from Military Spokesman Facebook Page)

Minister of Defence Abdul Fatah Al-Sisi has called on Egyptians to take to the streets on Friday to authorise the army to “confront violence and terrorism.”

The remarks came during a Wednesday speech at the graduation ceremony of two classes of the Naval Academy and Air Defence, calling on the people to reject violence and support reconciliation efforts and transitional justice.

“Whoever thinks we can go back on the roadmap we agreed upon is wrong,” Al-Sisi said, adding that the country was preparing for elections that would be supervised by the whole world.

Al-Sisi denied having betrayed former president Mohamed Morsi, saying he informed Morsi that “the army belongs to all Egyptians and is under your command according to the legitimacy that the people provided you with.”

He went on to describe a meeting he had held with two Muslim Brotherhood leaders prior to the president’s speech at the conference centre in Nasr City in June, where he says he told the leaders that the situation was “dangerous” and reconciliation with all institutions and groups was necessary. The two leaders, he said, replied that “armed groups” would be ready to solve any problem that arose, which Al-Sisi says he immediately denounced.

“The next day I met former president Morsi for two hours and we agreed on the terms and vocabulary for reconciliation,” the defence minister said. “Then I sat at the conference centre and was shocked by his speech.”

“I tried to convey to the former president the situation on the ground, hopeful that he would take a step before it was too late” he added.

Al-Sisi said he gave Morsi a week before 30 June to try to exit the crisis and he offered his suggestions to the former president.

“On 3 July, I sent former prime minister [Hesham Qandil], former Shura Council chairman [Ahmed Fahmy] and Selim Al-Awa to former president Morsi to convince him to be proactive and call for a referendum on his remaining in power… his answer was no,” he said.

Al-Sisi said he had told Morsi: “political pride dictates that if the people reject you, you should either step down, or re-establish confidence through a referendum.”

“Some people want to either rule the country or destroy it,” he added.

Al-Sisi said since he was appointed defence minister, the political dispute has been “grave”, representing a threat to national security, he suggested inviting political groups to a national dialogue and Morsi agreed.

“The next day I called Morsi and he told me to cancel the invitation,” he said.

Al-Sisi said he had previously called on politicians belonging to the Islamist current to uphold the notion of the state.

“The source of legitimacy is the people; the ballot box is a means for legitimacy,” he said. “If there was any other way than taking to the streets to reject the president’s legitimacy, the people would have taken it.”

At the end of his speech, Al-Sisi thanked military and police personnel for their efforts during the transitional period. “We will meet with all Egyptians on Friday,” he said, “where the army and the police will secure all protests in all governorates.”

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  • DAMNtoMilitaryrule

    Some people and I have already said it that Army coup group will definitely take power by using the name “Islamist terrorist” to have sympathy from westerners and hang on on power. Egypt democracy is gone forever. Welcome back military rule and dictatorship.

  • Muqim Ud Din

    And at-last the ball is out in the court. Army is pushing Egypt to civil war. Those who are supporting the coup, have their hands red with the innocent blood of protesters.

  • DAMNtoMilitaryrule

    This appeal shows that AL-SISI himself realise that he does not have legitimacy and legality and he so weak in term of law (but strong because he has guns) in Egypt something he would never have because was not elected. Any democracy pathway could happen only by respecting legitimacy .

  • DAMNtoMilitaryrule

    Why Al-sisi still justifying himself? where a military nominated by elected president will talk to president with menace because he knows what he has already comploted.

  • Mahmud Abdullah

    Is the military chief calling on Egyptians to engage themselves in a civil war? Perhaps those days are not so far when the coup leaders will be brought to book for the crime they have perpetrated by ousting a democratically elected president. The putsch-plotters not only toppled a freely elected president but also kidnapped him. The vast Majority of Egyptians do not and will not support a coup d’etat against a democratically elected president, only some vested quarters a backing the coup-plotters for their own purpose and interest. It seems that coup-leaders are playing foul games to ruin and ravage Egypt.

  • Mahmud Abdullah

    It is said in the article that Al-Sisi, army chief turned coup leader, told and dictated president Mohammed Morsi to do this or that, who gave Al-Sisi rights to do all that to a freely and democratically elected president by the Egyptians. An army chief is only a paid-servant of the citizens of a country, because citizens, the owner of a country, give him salary for the job an army chief does. It is a matter of great regret that a servant dictates his master, here the people of Egypt, President Morsi is only their representative, chosen by them through a free and fair election. Egyptians must decide whether they will choose democracy or they will be ruled, governed and dictated by military rulers, I mean masters willing to be ruled by servants, of course, they are servants because you, the owner of Egypt, pay them salaries.

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