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Ruby Amatulla

The effective ways to fight radicalism

In March 2016, when the supporters of Islamic State (IS) wanted to establish a base in Ben Guerdane, Tunisia—a town along the Libyan border—it was the local population that rose up against them and worked with the security forces to defeat and oust them. They all vehemently worked against radicalism because they felt that it …

Ruby Amatulla

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The Muslim Brotherhood once more

The Muslim Brotherhood remains caught at the centre of the problems that dominate Egyptian politics. Regime hardliners believe that all the ills of Egypt could somehow be traced to an elaborate conspiracy by the Muslim Brotherhood to destabilise the country. Muslim Brotherhood members or supporters believe that former Islamist president Mohamed Morsi will one day …

Ziad A. Akl

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Islamists issue death threat against leading Bangladeshi blogger

Bangladeshi blogger Imran H Sarker says he has received a death threat from the “Islamic State” via Facebook. In an interview with DW, the blogger explained why he is taking the threat seriously. Dhaka-based blogger Imran H Sarker is one of the most widely read and popular bloggers in the country with nearly a million …

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