Parliamentary run-off elections for Hadayek Al-Qubba to begin

Sarah Nazeer
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The Supreme Electoral Committee (SEC) announced that parliamentary run-off elections in the constituency of Hadayek Al-Qubba in Cairo will take place between candidates Hussein Gad and Heshmat  Fahmy.

Gad obtained 7,264 votes, while Fahmy stood at 4,340 votes.

Fahmy told Daily News Egypt during the first voting round that his rivals had bribed voters, claiming that “one vote was worth EGP 100”,

Egyptians will cast their votes on Wednesday in the run-offs for the second phase of the parliamentary elections, set on 2 and 3 September for Egyptians abroad, and 3 and 4 September for local voters, according to the Supreme Electoral Commission (SEC).

Three members have so far left the Egyptian parliament since its establishment. Member of parliament Serry Seyam, appointed by the president on 31 December 2015, resigned from parliament in February 2016. Elected MP Tawfik Okasha’s membership was dropped in March, following a majority of parliamentary votes in favour of his expulsion. The third case occurred when late member Sameh El-Yazal passed away.

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