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Saad Eddin Ibrahim, political thinker and chairperson of the trustees at the Ibn Khaldun Centre for Development Studies. by mahmoud fekry  (10)
Trump’s administration will include vital roles for Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Israel: Ibrahim
dne news
DNE News Brief: 7 December 2016
dne news
DNE News Brief: 6 December 2016
MP Tarek El-Khouly (2)
Egypt should not impose its foreign policy on Saudi Arabia and vice versa: Al-Khouly
court video
State’s appeal against annulment of Red Sea islands deal postponed to 19 December
dne news
DNE News Brief: 5 December 2016
george eshak
MPs should learn from 25 January: George Ishak on Protest Law
dne news
DNE News Brief: 4 December 2016
mona mina video
Mona Moen Mina acquitted of charges on EGP 1,000 bail
Egyptians following up on ElClasico in Cairo

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