Shoukry meets with UN Senior Humanitarian Coordinator for Gaza

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Egypt’s Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry, welcomed Sigrid Kaag, the UN Senior Humanitarian and Reconstruction Coordinator for Gaza, in a recent meeting.

Ahmed Abu Zeid, the spokesperson for the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, reported that the Monday meeting focused on the current progress in the UN coordinator’s mission to fulfil the obligations outlined in Security Council Resolution 2720.

The responsibilities under this resolution involve the facilitation, coordination, and supervision of humanitarian aid delivery to Gaza. The meeting also touched upon collaborative efforts to hasten the initiation of the UN mechanism at the earliest opportunity.

During the discussions, Shoukry reaffirmed the international community’s legal and humanitarian duty to ensure the execution of UN Security Council Resolution 2720, along with all pertinent resolutions from both the Security Council and the UN General Assembly concerning Gaza’s circumstances.

He highlighted the critical need to alleviate the severe humanitarian situation by instituting an immediate and enduring ceasefire, guaranteeing uninterrupted and secure aid distribution across Gaza, dismantling barriers erected by Israel, and opening all terrestrial passageways between Israel and Gaza to amplify aid influx.

Abu Zeid noted that Shoukry and Kaag thoroughly examined the humanitarian crisis’s multiple aspects, including the scope and nature of aid currently being received, as well as the priorities concerning aid quality and volume.

They emphasized the importance of augmenting aid to satisfy the immediate requirements of the Palestinian populace in Gaza, particularly in the northern regions, and ensuring the safety of international humanitarian teams in the area.

Kaag reiterated her dedication to ongoing coordination and dialogue with Egypt to execute her duties effectively, acknowledging Egypt’s crucial role in alleviating Gaza’s crisis and its humanitarian impact.

She also commended the continuous collaboration between the Egyptian Red Crescent, local Egyptian NGOs, and UN humanitarian agencies in the provision and distribution of aid to Gaza.

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