Environment Ministry, Haretna Foundation sign protocol for sustainable development

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The Egyptian Ministry of Environment has signed a cooperation protocol with the Egyptian Haretna Foundation for Sustainable Development. The primary aim of this partnership is to preserve the environment and natural resources, ensuring responsible use without depletion, while also considering the rights of future generations.

During the signing, the Ministry was represented by Ali Abu Sunna, the CEO of the Environmental Affairs Agency. On behalf of the Foundation, Ihab Zakaria Atallah, a Member of the Senate and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Egyptian Haretna Foundation for Sustainable Development, and General Coordinator of the National Alliance for Private Developmental Action in Alexandria, participated in the agreement.

The protocol outlines cooperation in several key areas:

·        Sustainable Development: Both parties will collaborate on sustainable development initiatives.

·        Integration of Society: The focus includes integrating all societal sectors, with special attention to women, in environmental work.

·        Environmental Awareness: Activities related to environmental awareness, climate change, and biological diversity are part of the agreement.

·        Afforestation Campaigns: Efforts to promote afforestation and combat deforestation.

·        Clean-Up Initiatives: Campaigns to clean the Nile River and beaches, particularly addressing plastic waste and single-use solid waste.

The protocol emphasizes the importance of seminars, workshops, and awareness campaigns to identify solutions, alternatives, and behavioural modifications that positively impact natural resources. Additionally, programs will encourage university students to volunteer in environmental initiatives, and capacity-building efforts will train environmental trainers.

Furthermore, the Foundation commits to integrating environmental considerations into all its work. This includes creating databases for volunteers, promoting eco-tourism, and enhancing green spaces. By implementing small projects, the protocol aims to address environmental challenges and improve overall living standards.

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