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Tunisia protesters torch ruling Islamist party’s office

AFP – Protesters on Thursday torched the office of Tunisia’s ruling Islamists in the town of Kef, where a policeman killed in fighting with suspected jihadists is to be buried, an AFP photographer reported. The walls of the building were burned and equipment inside it destroyed, with witnesses saying that protesters had ransacked the office …

Daily News Egypt

Why comparisons between Tunisia and Egypt aren’t helpful

By Maria Glenna Tunis – The suspension of Tunisia’s National Constituent Assembly on 7 August once again prompted comparisons between Tunisia and Egypt by political analysts and the media, asking if Tunisia will devolve into the violence we have recently seen in Egypt. It is true that there are similarities between Egypt and Tunisia. Both …

Daily News Egypt

Tunisia braces for rival demos as crisis talks fail

AFP-  Supporters and opponents of Tunisia’s Islamist-led government were expected to flood the streets of the capital in rival rallies Tuesday marking national women’s day, after a bid to resolve a weeks-old crisis foundered. The government led by the Islamist Ennahda party and its detractors have been locked in a bitter feud sparked by the murder …

Daily News Egypt

Egypt’s Second Transition and the World

By Ronald Meinardus To understand the unfolding politics of post 30 June Egypt, it is useful to follow developments on three distinct policy levels. First, there is the level of the implementation of the new order’s roadmap. This is an extremely ambitious, I would even say unrealistic, timetable to get Egypt back to democratically legitimised …

Daily News Egypt

How not to write about Egypt

By Hussein Ibish, Now News The upheaval in Egypt inevitably produced a torrent of American commentary, a great deal of which was cliched, glib or simply banal. But four articles stand out as particularly instructive examples of how not to write or think about change in Egypt and the broader Arab world. The most insidious …

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