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Arab League expresses full support for Libya’s Tobruk-based government

Libyan delegate requested Arab states to provide arms to troops to end

Nourhan Fahmy Nourhan Fahmy

13 Egyptians kidnapped in Libya

Kidnappings follow the killing of an Egyptian family by extremist groups

Aya Nader Aya Nader

Egypt closes Salloum border amid Libya security woes

Border guards detain 151 illegal migrants attempting to enter Libya

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Libyan FM expresses thanks for Egyptian support

Egypt, Libya foreign ministers look to upcoming neighbours of Libya meeting

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Shoukry discusses Libya developments with Emirati, Libyan counterparts

Egyptian and Libyan foreign ministers discuss cooperation

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Shoukry, Karti discuss situation in Libya

Shoukry stresses importance of activation Libya's neighbouring countries initiative to preserve Libya's

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Egypt renews support for Libya’s ‘legitimate institutions’

Announcement comes days after top Libyan court orders dissolution of Libya’s parliament

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132 arrested attempting to illegally enter Libya

Egypt's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reiterated travel warnings to Libya due

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Egypt calls for ‘return of the Libyan capital’

Libyan government orders military to retake Tripoli, calls for civil disobedience in

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Libyan tribal leaders gather in Cairo for unity talks

Egyptian foreign minister meets Arab League envoy to discuss Libya’s political path

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