Egypt renews support for Libya’s ‘legitimate institutions’

Hend Kortam
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Egypt once again expressed its “full support for Libya’s state institutions” and asserted its full respect for the will of the Libyan people on Saturday.

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that it also “fully supports the Libyan government in its efforts to carry out its responsibility of preserving the unity of Libyan lands and its territorial integrity”.

On Thursday, Libya’s Supreme Court, which is based in Tripoli, ordered on live television the disbanding of the House of Representatives. Libya’s capital Tripoli is largely under the control of the Islamist militia coalition Libya Dawn.

The internationally recognised legislature, based in Tobruk, was elected in June and left Islamists with only 15% of seats. In response to the court ruling, the legislature said the court is “not independent” and that “its word has no value”. Tobruk also hosts the cabinet of Prime Minister Abdualla Al-Thani.

The European Union High Representative Federica Mogherini said on Friday that “Libya needs more than ever a strong, steady and common political initiative.” She added that the EU continues to believe that dialogue “remains crucial” and “that the solution of the crisis requires a political settlement”.

Mogherini added that “all military operations must cease and all parties should refrain from taking any steps which further divide the country”.

The Egyptian foreign ministry also stressed the need for all sides to simultaneously give up the “military option” and make room for dialogue that includes all parties that renounce violence, as a means to achieve political goals.

Egypt addressed the “need to evacuate armed militias from state institutions and public facilities so that Libyan authorities can fully carry out their duties”.

Libya has faced a tense security situation since 2011 when former president Muammar Gaddafi was toppled.

However, things took a turn for the worse this year and fighting escalated when retired general Khalifa Haftar launched a campaign in May to root out “terrorism” in the coastal city of Benghazi. Haftar is fiercely anti-Islamist and his forces back the Tobruk-based government. Fierce daily fighting currently occurs in Benghazi and in Tripoli.


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