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Donald Trump v the arts

Among the victims of president Donald Trump’s ban on refugees and immigrants…

Cesar Chelala Cesar Chelala

The “Trump” virus takes over the American system

An individual in the face of an institution is one of the…

Moataz Bellah Abdel-Fattah Moataz Bellah Abdel-Fattah

Iranian artists featured in Berlin amid outrage over Trump’s travel ban

While Iranian passport-holders are temporarily banned from entering the US, top Iranian…

Deutsche Welle Deutsche Welle

Myanmar may ban tourists from climbing on ancient temples

Tourists in Myanmar may soon be banned from climbing temples in the…

Deutsche Welle Deutsche Welle

Should Ghana ban plastic?

Ghana is swimming in plastic waste. Should the government introduce a plastic…

Deutsche Welle Deutsche Welle

Motorcycle division seeks audience with presidency after import ban on two-stroke engines

There was a 15% increase in prices following the decision, says Abdel…

Ahmed Amer Ahmed Amer

Suez governor bans fishing, swimming as investigations into shark attack continue

The decree issued on Sunday comes as the investigation into the causes…

Nadine Awadalla Nadine Awadalla

Russia bans charter flights to Turkey

There will be no food shortage after restrictions on relations with Turkey,…

Nourhan Elsebahy Nourhan Elsebahy

Internet freedom in Egypt under scrutiny

 The scope for criminalising activity on cyberspace has expanded, says AFTE lawyer

Nourhan Fahmy Nourhan Fahmy

Authors claim Al-Azhar, government banned book uncovering institutional violations

Bookstore denies that it ever stocked the essay on the politics of…

Emir Nader Emir Nader