TMG partners with Hungarian Veszprém KC to launch handball academy in Egypt

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Talaat Moustafa Group (TMG) announced a partnership with the Hungarian handball club Veszprém KC to establish a handball academy in Al-Rehab and Madinaty clubs. The academy aims to discover and develop handball talents in Egypt.

The partnership was revealed during a press conference held on Wednesday evening at Madinaty Sports Club, attended by Amr El Adl, member of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Handball Federation, the Hungarian Ambassador to Cairo, Omar Hisham Talaat, CEO of Business Development at TMG, and several leaders of the Egyptian Handball Federation, TMG, and Hungarian Veszprém. The academy will be the first international handball academy in the world for the Hungarian club Veszprém.

Omar expressed his delight in collaborating with Hungarian Veszprém to launch the first international handball academy in Al-Rehab and Madinaty clubs. He said that the academy will provide an opportunity for players living in Al-Rehab and Madinaty to interact with professional players through camps and international tournaments. It will also help promote outstanding players to the top handball clubs in Europe.

Omar emphasized that the partnership with the Hungarian Veszprém Club is part of the group’s strategy to partner with prestigious international institutions in various fields. He added that the new handball academy is a continuation of the local and international academies existing in both Al-Rehab and Madinaty Club. The two clubs include many sports academies for various individual and team games that have discovered many sporting talents, such as the Liverpool International Football Academy, the Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib Football Academy, and others.

Omar also expressed his hope that the Veszprém Academy will contribute to developing handball in Egypt, as the Veszprém Club is one of the biggest handball clubs in Hungary and Europe. He noted that there is an ambitious plan to expand and open new branches of the Veszprém Academy across the country.

Omar confirmed that TMG has been creating self-contained integrated urban communities that meet the needs of their residents and provide services to more than a million people for over 50 years. He pointed out that the group pays great attention to providing sports services in its projects, through more than 30 diverse sports facilities, in recognition of their role in enhancing physical and psychological health in residential communities. Therefore, the group was keen on establishing sports and social clubs in its urban projects that are comparable to international clubs, such as Madinaty Club, which covers an area of 200 feddan, and the Al-Rehab Club on an area of 109 feddans.

They are two of the largest clubs in Egypt and the Middle East, providing services to more than 70,000 families and hosting many local and international tournaments, thanks to the sports facilities and stadiums they have that were implemented according to the latest international standards.

Omar pointed out that the group has recently succeeded in hosting and organizing international tournaments with the participation of some of the world’s most famous players, which received high praise from both the public and sports experts. The most prominent of these were the 2022 Women’s Squash World Cup at Madinaty Club and the Qadi International Martial Arts Championship.

Nader Shaaban, Head of the Clubs Sector at TMG, explained that handball is one of the major sports in Egypt, as the national team has a long record of international achievements. He pointed out that Egypt’s sporting superiority in handball and the great popularity of the game motivated TMG clubs to partner with Hungarian Veszprem Club.

Youssef Qadri, head of the commercial sector of TMG clubs, said that opening Vesprem Handball Academy is a great addition to the sports academies in both Al-Rehab Club and Madinaty Club. He explained that Vesprem aims to teach the basics of handball, develop players physically and technically, and refine their skills through advanced training programs according to the latest international training methods.

Hossam Gharib, the sports advisor for handball at TMG clubs, said that Veszprém club contributed to the great technical and physical development of Yehia Khaled, an Egyptian national team star who joined the Hungarian club. He said that Khaled gave his best performance with the national team after joining Veszprém club. Then his colleague Yehia Al-Daraa joined him. Gharib pointed out that the partnership between TMG clubs and the Hungarian Veszprém Club will bear fruit soon after camps and training courses are held for players and coaches in coordination with the Hungarian club. This will provide greater opportunities for distinguished players to go global.

Meanwhile, András Kovacs, Hungarian ambassador to Cairo, expressed his happiness at participating in the conference signing a partnership between TMG and Veszprém Club to establish a handball academy in Al-Rehab and Madinaty clubs. He said that this will give opportunity to thousands of Egyptians and Hungarians to discover their talent in handball and develop it.

Cesek Zoltan, Executive Director of Hungarian Veszprém Club, said that the club had sensed, since its first meeting with TMG, its commitment to developing sports. He said that the club appreciated the group’s achievements in establishing major clubs for the benefit of developing sports. He added that Veszprém International Academy represents the first cooperation of its kind between the club and one of the largest real estate developers. He said that it is a real opportunity for players who want to play professional handball, especially in light of the group’s distinguished facilities that will help them achieve their dreams.

In the same context, Laszlo Nagy, sports director of Hungarian Veszprém Club, expressed his happiness with the opening of Veszprém Club Academy in Egypt. He expressed his hope that the academy will succeed in discovering the talents of children and youth.

In a related context, Omar El-Adl, a member of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Handball Federation, affirmed his confidence in the contribution of Vesprem International Academy in discovering Egyptian talent. He said that the academy is part of TMG, the largest real estate developer in Egypt and the Middle East.

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