EgyptAir shortlists 5 companies to supply aircrafts

Ahmed Saad
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Online ticket purchases for airlines in Egypt amounts to $1.9bn, out of $11bn in the Arab region. (AFP Photo)

EgyptAir began to prepare a shortlist of five companies to compete on supplying aircrafts for the modernisation of the fleet.

Chairperson of the company, Safwat Musallam, told Daily News Egypt that after the list is complete, EgyptAir will notify the companies to submit their final offers and then select a company to award the deal to. He explained that EgyptAir requested within the new deal aircrafts for purchase and lease.

He noted that the deal includes replacing of 12 Embraer 170 aircrafts with similar capacity units for domestic and short flights. EgyptAir also requested buying or leasing 45 aircrafts, including 27 medium aircrafts and six wide jets. The deal will last until 2020/2021. This will boost the number of aircrafts in EgyptAir’s fleet to 84 units.

Bernard Den, president of Boeing North Africa and Turkey, said earlier that Boeing had made a bid in the aircraft deal requested by EgyptAir and that EgyptAir recently received the fifth Boeing B737-800 NG2017, as part of the nine aircraft contract. The rest of the units will also be delivered this year.

Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE) Ltd. financed the Boeing 737-800 aircrafts for EgyptAir in a deal for of nine units worth $864m.

EgyptAir is one of the most important customers of Boeing. The EgyptAir fleet consists mostly of the company’s products. This fleet includes a mix of single and double pass aircrafts, including 9 Boeing 777 and 23 Boeing 737 aircrafts. EgyptAir is expected to have a fleet of 29 next-generation 737-800 aircrafts and become one of the largest fleets of this plane in the region at the end of the year.

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