MasterCard gives tips on Father’s Day shopping

Nicholas Mehling
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A survey conducted by the Mastercard Worldwide Insights index between July and August 2014 has found Egyptian consumers to be very optimistic. (AFP Photo)

Today continues the time honoured tradition of Father’s Day. While this shouldn’t be the only day in which children honour and respect their fathers, it does provide an occasion to give a little back to the person that has given so much of their time, effort, and attention to their children. When celebrating our fathers, MasterCard wants to provide some helpful tips to make the day as perfect as it can be.

Most of the tips, however, are not gender specific and can easily be applied to all consumer holidays and occasions. The tips inform customers on the proper etiquette to follow in order to avoid common gift giving dilemmas.

Firstly, familiarise yourself with the “e-tailer”, websites such as Amazon, Alibaba, or, by reading costumer reviews, which provide insight into the general level of customer service, the quality of the item, and any complications that have arisen in the shipping process. This is particularly useful if purchasing from abroad in which customers must familiarise themselves with exchange rates, which could significantly affect the final cost of your order.

Shipping costs can get out of hand, so it is important to compare and contrast different shipping policies of e-commerce websites. Some stores like deliver to addresses in the region, whereas Amazon and Alibaba may deliver to a physical store in your location.

MasterCard encourages you to prepay with a MasterCard debit or credit card as they are universal in most countries and provide top notch information security. However the worst thing you could give your father this vacation is credit card debt, so some websites such as offer a cash-on-delivery system, better suited to areas with low levels of credit card activity in Egypt and the wider region.

Finally, the most important tip, avoid bland, uncreative gift ideas. Power tools or a new tie have become cliché. Make your Father’s Day special by thinking of a personalised gift that he will enjoy, such as concert tickets, a fine dinner, or an adrenaline filled adventure all of which e-commerce websites and MasterCard are able to provide.

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