Cabinet respects verdict on Muslim Brotherhood ban

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The cabinet will take immediate steps to carry out the court verdict issued by the Abdeen Court for urgent matters which ruled to disband the Muslim Brotherhood organisation.

The court ruling came out on Monday, also ordering the confiscation of the Muslim Brotherhood capital on Monday, after Mahmoud Abdallah, member of the Al-Tagammu Party, filed the complaint.

The confiscated capital and real estate funds would be managed by an independent committee from the cabinet, according to Monday’s verdict. The committee would watch over the capital and funds until final verdicts on the Brotherhood and its members are issued.

In a statement released on Thursday, the cabinet said it would take the necessary procedures to implement the verdict as soon as it officially receives the verdict’s executive form. It added that it will not take any [executive] steps regarding the ban until a final court verdict is out.

The Ministry of Social Solidarity announced on Wednesday that it would await final, unappealable judgment before executing the verdict produced on Monday banning Muslim Brotherhood activity.

In a Monday statement, the Muslim Brotherhood denounced the verdict, calling it political and exclusionary. The now banned organisation directed its statement towards the military, claiming that its predecessors “had previously failed at banishing the organisation and its members from Egyptian society, which makes up a vital part of the community.”

The court ordered the  ”the banning of the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Arab Republic of Egypt [and activities] emanating [from] it, the Organisation and any other institution which branched [from it], belonged to it or received financial support or any kind of support from it.”

The urgent matters court also ordered the confiscation of “all real estate funds, liquid and transmitted, whether owned by or leased to the Muslim brotherhood.”

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