Ministry of Health: five dead, over 400 injured

Nouran El-Behairy
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The Ministry of Health has announced the casualty figures resulting from on-going clashes in various governorates: five dead and 467 injured, with 88 hospitalised.

Violence ensued in Alexandria, leaving one confirmed dead  in Sidi Gaber according to state-owned Ahram and several injured. The use of Birdshots was reported by several activists and confirmed by state media. The clashes continued until CSF were deployed in an attempt to stop the violence,  using tear gas to separate the demonstrators .

Later in the evening, the main headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria was set on fire as well.

In Gharbeya, Ahram reported violent confrontation that lead to several injuries while Daqahlyia nearly 32 were injured.

The EgyNews service reported that Khaled Al-Khateeb, the head of the central administration for urgent and critical care, confirmed two deaths in Mansoura: Abdel Hamid Al-Anan and Mohamed Ahmed Abdel Hafiz. The head also confirmed a third death: Hussam Al-Sharqawy from Sharqeya.

Clashes erupted earlier in the week in four governorates  (Sharqeya, Gharbeya, Daqahleya and Menufiya,) between supporters of President Morsi, and those opposed to him who want new presidential elections.

On Thursday night in Mahalla protesters against President Morsi clashed with his supporters, and a pharmacy and a shop for appliances were burned by angry crowds, according to 6 April activist Mohamed Ismail.

FJP members marched to the Security Directorate in Sharqeya early on Friday, where they demanded the removal of the director of security for failing to protect them. Their demand came after their headquarters were attacked and burned, leading to the death of Hussam Al-Sharqawy.

“A number of known thugs were holding a sit-in at the governorate building, then they headed to FJP headquarters, robbed it and set it on fire” said Hazem Ibrahim, 6 April coordinator in Sharqeya.

He expressed his condolences for the death of Al-Sharqawy, “we’re against all acts of violence and we appreciate the value of every human soul regardless of his affiliation.”


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