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Shura Council members blame women for harassment

Some members call for separating men and women during protests to prevent sexual harassment, blaming women for subjecting themselves to rape

Shura Council blamed women for harassment (DNE/ FILE PHOTO)
Shura Council blamed women for harassment (DNE/ FILE PHOTO)

The Shura Council Human Rights Committee addressed on Monday the recent wave of sexual harassment proliferating during mass protests, calling for specifying places of protest for females.

“Women should not mingle with men during protests,” said Reda Al-Hefnawy, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) member. “How can the Ministry of Interior be tasked with protecting a lady who stands among a group of men?”

Adel Afifi, a prominent board member of the Salafi Party Al-Asala, blamed women for the sexual harassment phenomenon. “A woman who joins protests among thugs and street inhabitants should protect herself before asking the Ministry of Interior to offer her protection,” Afifi said, adding that police officers are incapable of protecting themselves.

Salafi Al-Nour Party member Salah Abdel Salam also believed women were responsible for sexual harassment. “The woman bears the offence when she chooses to protest in places filled with thugs,” Abdel Salam said. He added that, nevertheless, the phenomenon needs to be addressed.

“Women sometimes cause rape upon themselves through putting themselves in a position which makes them subject to rape,” Afifi said. He called for punishing the “children” who commit such acts even if their punishment breaches international conventions.

“Some foreign-funded organisations are imposing western beliefs upon us; tents present in some squares witness prostitution,” he said.

Committee head Ezz al-Din Al-Komy stated during the session that 24 acts of systematic rape cases have been observed in Tahrir Square recently. Al-Komy criticised state-owned and independent media outlets, accusing them of “putting the dragged protester Hamada Saber under the spotlights while ignoring the sexually assaulted girls”.

Ahmed Al-Khatib, head of the Appeals Court, held the political movements responsible for the assaults. He urged opposition movements to stop calling for protests as long as they are incapable of protecting the protesters against harassment.

Al-Khatib also stated that the non-governmental organisations “ought to defend women’s rights instead of concerning themselves with political issues”.

“What came out of the Shura Council today is horrible,” said Sally Zohney, a women’s rights activist. “Those statements are inhumane, to say the least.”

Zohney stated she doesn’t expect the Shura Council, the current legislative authority, to issue a law banning sexual harassment. She said she saw no point in engaging in a hearing session with the council about sexual harassment, describing the hearing as “a waste of time”.

 “The council knows quite well the problem of sexual harassment,” she said. “They won’t put themselves in any hassle coupled with issuing laws as long as a Peoples’ Assembly is expected to replace them soon.”

Zohney condemned the council members’ trial blaming the victim for the attacks instead of offering them help. “In facing social problems regarding assaults on women, the easy way out is always to separate them [the women] from the men,” Zohney said. “Yet, it’s disastrous to hear such solutions coming out of the Shura Council.”

An international march condemning sexual harassment in Egypt is scheduled to take place worldwide on Tuesday. Protesters are expected to rally outside Egyptian embassies throughout the world, and in Egyptian squares nationwide. Zohney expected the protests to gain momentum as a result of the statements issued during the Shura Council’s session.

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  • Johann

    What a bunch of disgraces to the human race. They are all self-deceived fools who automatically mistake compliments like being told. your breasts,cleavage and rear is lovely for “bothersome” “insults”? Satans best lie, that you are supposedly being “sexually” “hassled”. Lucifer wants women in Egypt,America,France,etc. to intentionally blame men for something they did not do wrong. Femeanists are a satan loving cult. Isaiah 29:21 That make a man an offender for a word, that lay a snare for him that reproveth in the gate, that turn aside the just for a thing of nought. This Old Testament Bible verse was not supposed to be used as an excuse to blame and cage men for an imaginary crime they did not commit.

  • Harry

    Sexual socalled hassling lie, oops I mean “law” is not divinely inspired, so does everyone keep going on believing in this fable? God never commanded in the bible to dehumanize men by caging them and forcing them against their will with subtle coercion to make a dishonest I am sorry, apology. Humans are savages if they call compliments,stares and whistling. “harassment”. Women who lie on this machine about men and there whistling,compliments,stares are the problem. Women who blame men and make them “criminals” for there actions and compliments are annoying flies who just want to be public nuisances who should have been caged themselves for blaming men and for being impertinent, responding childishly crying over spilled milk. “ladies” who blame and call police about a crime that never happened are immature cry babies. Everyone should have been more offended at whats happening to our planet instead, such as woods in Brookfield being needlessly destroyed,unwanted,stagnant,uncontrolled overpollution, not fixing rusted fences by replacing them with new ones,etc.

  • Jules

    The real criminals and harassers are pharisees,liars,corrupters called,femeanists, they are part of the problem. Because they are problems. Valerie Solinas was a lowlife who probably had no real life so she had to be a coward and make a book making empty threats of violent killing against men to harass us men, and saying other unkind things such as replacing us with machines as other socalled fameanists have done. We should know we have rights. Why are we so immature that we need governments to tell us what our rights are? We obviously have not become a true civilization,true civilized ladies would not make men into scapegoats everytime they looked at them, there bosoms,cleavages and rears,and whistled.

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