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UN Women Egypt commends Penal Code amendments imposing harsher punishments for sexual harassment

UN Women Egypt has commended the Egyptian parliament’s approval of amendments advancing…

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Egypt moves closer to toughening penalties on sexual harassment

Suggested penalties will be 2-4 years imprisonment, up to EGP 200k fine

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‘MySafeUni Day’ highlights fight against sexual harassment in universities

Event led by students, alumni, and wider AUC community, featured speakers from…

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NCW calls to suspend Tamim Younis`s clip, which causes division among activists

During the clip, Younis narrates the story of his admiration for a…

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4 more suspects identified in Al-Mansoura’s mob sexual  harassment incident

On Thursday, security forces arrested 17 individuals, in which two victims were…

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Minibus girl: Victim detained after stabbing her assailant 

“She should not be detained, not only because she is a child,…

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Sexual harassment at workplace: unprotected women

‘World heading to adopt anti-sexual harassment policies; this must stop,’ says Lawyer

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Why female victims of sexual harassment are often shamed?

What is more confusing is to see women justifying male harasser’s behaviour…

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Cairo University dismisses professor for sexual harassment allegations

Allegations exist he physically abused a student, maybe he threatened to force…

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Warda case raises question: how the society sees sexual harassment?

There are several similar cases in which the people judge females for…

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