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Egypt, Cyprus, and Greece issue Tripartite Joint Declaration

Promoting relations with the EU, fighting illegal immigration, and sustainable development agreements

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Tripartite GERD negotiations continue in ministerial-level conference in Cairo

Conference is expected to discuss the points of conflict that arose between

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Egypt concerned with not receiving consultants’ GERD studies

International consultancy agencies were supposed to send Egypt studies on GERD on

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Mehleb receives report on latest GERD meeting in Sudan

Meeting on contractual issues of counselling offices was successful, says Irrigation Minister

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Shoukry reaffirms trilateral cooperation between Egypt, Greece, and Cyprus

The summit’s objective was to develop a tripartite partnership in various fields

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Egyptian, Cypriot, Greek foreign ministers meet in Nicosia

Talks occur on security, energy and tourism ahead of 8 November meeting

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Shoukry to visit Ethiopia ahead of tripartite talks

The last tripartite talks were held in January but no agreement was

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Solution has not been reached in dam talks: Egyptian, Ethiopian water ministries

Egypt says all its proposals were rejected by Ethiopia; the latter says

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Tripartite meeting of experts over Ethiopia dam

The talks between experts from Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia come one day

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