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Solution has not been reached in dam talks: Egyptian, Ethiopian water ministries - Daily News Egypt

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Solution has not been reached in dam talks: Egyptian, Ethiopian water ministries

Egypt says all its proposals were rejected by Ethiopia; the latter says disagreement was over including an international element to a proposed committee

A picture taken on May 28, 2013 shows the Blue Nile in Guba, Ethiopia, during its diversion ceremony.  (AFP Photo)
A picture taken on May 28, 2013 shows the Blue Nile in Guba, Ethiopia, during its diversion ceremony.
(AFP Photo)

The Egyptian delegation to Ethiopia, headed by the water minister, returned from Ethiopia Tuesday after it failed to resolve “sticking points” following talks on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Mohamed Abdul Muttalib resumed talks in the Ethiopian capital on Monday. The Egyptian water ministry said that Abdul Muttalib accepted an invitation to hold talks from his Ethiopian counterpart Alemayehu Tegunu; however, Ethiopia’s foreign ministry said “Minister Muttalib asked to visit Ethiopia.”

Egypt’s water ministry said after the meeting that “all suggestions by the Egyptian delegation to solve sticking points were met with unjustified rejection, reaching the level of obstinacy.”

The ministry continued in its statement that this proves that the Ethiopian side did not look at the current problem with sufficient “attention and seriousness”.

Ethiopia, on the other hand, said the talks “made no progress” because of a difference in opinion regarding the involvement of international experts in a proposed committee to oversee implementing recommendations of a report written by the International Panel of Experts in 2013.

Ethiopia’s foreign ministry said: “Egypt wants to include international experts on this committee. Ethiopia and Sudan have made it clear they see no need for anything more than representatives from the three countries on the proposed committee.”

The international element of the proposed committee was a point of lengthy debate, Abdul Muttalib said during talks in the Sudanese capital Khartoum in December. There was a series of tripartite talks between the Nile Basin countries in November, December and January.

Egypt’s Supreme Committee for Nile Water asserted one day ahead of the talks on Monday the importance of mutual benefits for the people of the Nile Basin countries, in a meeting attended by Abdul Muttalib and headed by Prime Minister Hazem El-Bebalawi.

Water ministry spokesman Khaled Wassif said after the latest round of talks on Monday that the Renaissance Dam, which is currently under construction, “lacks legitimacy” so far, since “no country has announced its approval of ongoing construction,” state-run MENA reported.

Wassif told state-run television that the meeting conflicted with Egyptian interests and that there is no reason to continue attending talks when it is clear that the intention of the Ethiopian side is to not cooperate.

Wassif added that the Egyptian government is working on more than one approach as quickly as possible and that it will resort to different paths to protect its interests peacefully.

The dam has long been a point of contention between Egypt and Ethiopia, as Egypt fears that it will have a detrimental effect on its share of Nile water. Egypt is in possession of the majority share of the Nile’s water. In accordance with agreements signed in 1929 and 1959, Egypt is guaranteed 55.5bn cubic metres of the estimated total of 84bn cubic metres of Nile water produced each year.

The construction of the dam is expected to be complete in three years. It is being built on the Blue Nile, a major tributary of the Nile; its origin is in Ethiopia and it supplies Egypt with 80% of the river’s water.

In an interview in January, the Ethiopian water minister said that Egypt was “misinformed” on some issues regarding the dam and the amount of water that would reach Egypt.

The dam’s project Director Simegnew Bekele said, also in January, that the dam would prevent annual floods in Sudan and would help prevent the accumulation of silt in dams located in Sudan and Egypt. He added that it would also prevent the evaporation of water from downstream countries, and would provide opportunities for Ethiopia to export electricity to neighbouring states.

In his latest trip to Ethiopia, Abdul Muttalib asserted Egypt’s position on the dam: it will not give up a single drop of its historic and fixed supply of the Nile River, and will, however, support Ethiopian aspirations in creating development projects, generating electricity and raising the standards of living of the Ethiopian people.

Although Egypt’s water minister “praised the atmosphere” of the December talks and said that there was a “new spirit” contributing to “achieving good results”, he added that “sticking points” remain.  The three sides did not reach an agreement in January. The Egyptian side said two points were discussed but were refused by Ethiopia, adding that unless there are new proposals, the meetings are over.  Talks in November had also failed to produce the committee.

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  • ABCO

    Great that DailyNews has started to entertain opinions of both sides-Egypt and Ethiopia. This way, people can be better informed. One point though;

    1. Mr Muttalib said ”The it will not give up a single drop of its historic and fixed supply of the Nile River”. What kind of negotiation is he hoping that Ethiopia will accept? because the basis of such statments revolve around the 1929 and 1959 colonial-relics which Ethiopia has never been part to and in facts effectively prevents her from harnessing its water resources.

    2. Mr Muttalib said ”however, (Egypt) supports Ethiopian aspirations in creating development projects, generating electricity and raising the standards of living of the Ethiopian people”. What does it mean? there is no development only restricted to talks. Development needs certainly beyond sharing ‘a drop of water’. I think Egyptians deserve a better man who is wise not dubious personality as Mr Muttalib.

    • Al Masry

      I agree with you. We need Goodwell conference among all Nile nations. It will clear those nonsense and help to develop new agreement equitable to all and develop a plan for development. I love the majestic Nile and all the nations around. We must deal with the river with respect. It provides life to all of us.

      • ABCO

        People in upstream are looking you citizens like you If you are Egyptian. Technocrats and cool headed people are what the public is looking for. thanks

        • Al Masry

          Thanks for your complement. I am Egyptian with multi-culture and proud of my deep roots in Africa. I follow my conscious to help others. Egypt should conserve water before asking for more. Ethiopia should look for other hydrologic technology before building the expensive, short-life dam. Nile nations are the curdle of civilization that based on working together; not fighting each others. I would put $10,000 from my personal money in the project if I know it is a winner; but I do not because it will be filled with mud in few decades. Do you know the silt (sludge Volume Index) in Blue Nile average between 5-7%. It would not take much time to fill the lake as it did to Sudan’s dam.

        • Al Masry

          FYI, recently Arizona asked California to conserve water before asking for more. The court honored Arizona request with hefty fine for wasting water. I am giving you a million dollars free consultation. LOL

  • Collateral Damage

    If Egypt’s position is not to give up a single drop of its “historic right” (which by the way is utterly unjustifiable agreement between Egypt and Sudan without the consent of Ethiopia and that gives 0 drops of the water to Ethiopia which is a source of the 80% of the water) then what is the point of any negotiation? I believe its not possible to build a dam in this whole universe without affecting 0 drop of water. its time for Ethiopian government to call off this nonsense “negotiation” and focus on building the dam. There is no such thing as negotiation without compromise.
    If Egypt chooses any negative measures , we will respond in kind. as a citizen its a glory for me to dye in fighting against this unjustifiable colonial thinking. at least my children will be free.
    For any Egyptian with a little common sense this the so called “historical right” is equivalent to 18th century slave owner demanding a slave in 21st century because of his inhuman privilege in the past #totally absurd

    • Girma

      See you in Cairo! will cheers each other and many ethiopian fighters after demolishing the greedy …. if they are courageous to wage war on the blessed Black African country.

      • Al Masry

        Hosh, hosh! Stop being racist. Queen Sheba would be ashamed of you. I welcome you to Cairo for peace and cooperation to honor Nile River. It gives us life every day.

    • Al Masry

      Shame on all of us. we need to work together and protect the Great Nile river. Queen Sheba will be ashamed of all of us for not acting like adults. Stop bickering and start acting to protect the Nile and to spread prosperity among all nations. I regret and apologize for the silly, disgraceful statements that came from Egypt.

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  • ABCO

    It is not also genuine for Mr. Muttalib to say that he got an invitation from his Ethiopian counterpart as this claim is at least not true. There is no reason for Ethiopia to invite the very same guy who declared he will never go to Addis unless Ethiopia stops construction.

    The other thing several Egyptian officials reveal their naivety is when they talk ”no international organization/country will fund the dam”. GERD project doesn’t take the account for foreign financing. Such national symbol is covered by the public which any financial institutions have no say.

    • Al Masry

      Every nation is entitled to have stupid people; including Egypt. What one expect from people who want to divert Congo River? A bunch of naïve who lake basic education and personal intelligence.

  • Habromay Ambesagir


  • Tewodros

    Egypt Must be crazy! ”Egypt will not give up a single drop of its water…” what does it mean? the water is originated in our country…. but you write, speak and so on as your solely resource… realy it is craziness to me and for all Africans. You talked about the 1929 and 1959 agreement. So who cares about that? Ethiopia? how? we were not colonized and we didn’t sign any agreement. Even if we signed the then agreement at this time we are not accept!!! why because IT IS NOT FAIR water distribution.
    One thing you have to know is we can stop Nile completely… how? just focusing only tributaries… make small dames and irrigate the lands. I believe we Ethiopians should do this to the future….
    So ”win win solution” is the only solution! NO WAR boasting! This is old fashion! No one will defeat any country by war! Every thing is In Our Hand! So why Boasting!
    Lastly what i read and hear from Egyptians are arrogant approach… This is stupidness !
    We are political divided but one ON NILE ISSUE!!
    Awake from your sleep!

  • Amora k

    As PM Meles said, Egypt has three strategies to continue using our river:
    1) block every source of finance

    2) scare tactic (just like the one we watched a “mistaken ” live TV broadcast , few months ago)

    3) arming and financing Ethiopian rebels and anyone who preaches hate among Ethiopians

    Ethiopians solutions for these:

    1) lets finance it our selves. so Egyptian Strategy successfully neutralized!

    2) Fear contradicts with our 3000 years history. we are known for punishing any kind of enemy who dare to step foot on our soil. We have done it many times and we don’t see any reason , why can’t it be done again.
    –> we just said we hate war but if you (Egyptian) preferred that, bring it on.

    Egyptian scare tactic also neutralized successfully

    3) lets solve our differences on the table.
    –> many Ethiopian rebels have decide to continue their struggle peacefully within their own country. What ever self claimed oppositions running are nothing but a bunch of criminals, most of them sentenced life in prison, if not capital punishment. what is worse they got no tooth.

    So Egyptians have lost on this front too.
    so Egyptians are confused. they got no clue what to do, just like a 18 years old girl damped by her boy friend for the first time.-: )

  • Alula Shocking Egypt

    I repeat again and again, there will never be agreement. The reason is simple; Egyptians colonial slaves yet. They are not free from Colonialism. That is why they even wish us to be indirect colony of the old colonialism. The fact they say: “In accordance with agreements signed in 1929 and 1959, Egypt is guaranteed 55.5bn cubic metres of the estimated total of 84bn cubic metres of Nile water produced each year.” This is the testatemnt they are slaves of colonialism. And they other problem is they do not know Ethiopians are free people. we have never been colonized in human history. You have been colonized by many countries. That is a big a difference. your colonial agreement is yours, not ours. It will not apply to us./ In my opinion, the solution is just to cut the river and to show them who we are and then they will buy the water with hard-cash. Leave alone Egypt, even USA can not intimidate Ethiopia. The other things, history is on our shide because all human rejected colonialism. You are a laughing stock of all humans. You do not even ask yourself what the world will say when you says colonialism? You couold argue at least if Ethiopia was part of the colonial agreement u have . Luckily, we were not colonized and did not sign anything and that is a blesssing for us. You can talk 1 million times about your colonial agreement, but at the end no Ethiopian will give it a damn shit. Endo of history.

    • Habromay Ambesagir


    • Markos Alemu

      That is all enough, if one has ears. Modern Egyptians can never think as non-colonized Ethiopians and that is why they are ready to give their ass once again. Yet, no one is willing to f*ck them. Damn shitt!!

    • Girma

      @Alula, Yes ! well stated who we are. Even the world’s super power (U.S.A), if the matter is about our land and people…..No fear but sever punishment… ask older Italians.

  • Abdi

    Egyptian authorities and opinion makers have once again been filling their speeches and writings with numerous references to the old myth that Ethiopia plans to block the Nile and that, as an arch-enemy of Egypt, intends to divert the River and sever Egypt’s “life-giving artery”. Since construction began on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), references to this medieval argument have proliferated, with Ethiopia depicted as a permanent adversary of the Egyptian people.
    It has all been part of a bellicose geopolitical and hydro-political rhetoric, built on the strategy that – “the arithmetic of the waters of the Blue Nile River is a zero-sum game that Egypt is determined to win”.
    These comments display an apparent determination to revitalise arguments of violence and conflict, an approach that could lead the Nile Basin back into the historic mire of dysfunctional socio-cultural, political, economic and ecological strife. They demonstrate how current Egyptian officials and journalists are still haunted by the ghosts of medieval Egyptian leaders, who asserted Ethiopia’s geopolitical intent to divert the Nile, and by the illusory visions of Khedive Ismail in his attempt to forge a North East African Empire in order to control the Blue Nile.

  • mohammed

    These comments display an apparent determination to revitalise arguments of violence and conflict, an approach that could lead the Nile Basin back into the historic mire of dysfunctional socio-cultural, political, economic and ecological strife. They demonstrate how current Egyptian officials and journalists are still haunted by the ghosts of medieval Egyptian leaders, who asserted Ethiopia’s geopolitical intent to divert the Nile, and by the illusory visions of Khedive Ismail in his attempt to forge a North East African Empire in order to control the Blue Nile.

  • Ayanaw

    Do these people have some
    common sense making them behave normally according to the facts, realities and
    outcomes based on the circumstances on the ground?

    Egypt is ruled by those holding the USA donation guns and Tanks to make the
    citizens submission under their rules since 1952. Naser who committed gruesome human rights
    against the native Egyptians that are the Nubians in the name of building the Aswan
    dam without asking any permission from other Nile nation was a military took
    power through coup against the King. Sadat was also a military. Mubarak was a
    military. The next one is on the making with eth back ground the world knows
    including what is happening in Egypt since the coup against the democratically
    elected government on 3 July 2013.

    Egyptians have chosen their leader only one time throughout Egypt’s history. However most Egyptians today came to Egypt
    during the Ottoman Turk colonization of Egypt for more than 500 years. That was
    Morsi. Yet, the Egyptian Military or correctly saying USA funded and remote
    controlled military that is functioning with USA military donation for more
    than 35 years including tanks and f-16, deposed the elected leader and the
    world is witnessing what is happening there ever since including the Raba massacre.

    Egypt military is a state with a state controlling 45% Egypt’s wealth. Egypt having an elected leader that is going
    to rule Egypt’s based on the 21-century politics including dealing
    internationally is a direct fret to the Egyptian military losing all sorts of privileges
    and luxury lives while 80% Egyptians have to live with food subsidies coming
    from the west and petro dollar Arab dictators using the Military to kill democracy
    in Egypt fearing it will reach them.

    As many are saying Egyptians are addicted and in love with dictators and men
    with gun to rule them with fear and submission. It is like the nature of the people in the
    desert including Middle East, only power, hard tone and fear are making them to
    accept and submit. But if someone treats
    them with respect, trust and friendship approach, they would start acting as if
    they do not only believing in Satanism but also they are the Satan
    themselves. That is why they are
    treating women the way the world knows them how they are doing including marring
    them up to 4 women at one time is because women are naturally polite, lovely
    and weak unable to confront them.

    Let them dram the dram of the Satanism screaming in their head. They even don’t
    feel shame and tired of it when they are saying none stop about Historical
    right, 1929, 1959 agreement or anything that is not expecting from a common
    citizens let alone a government as a policy.

    History is human made. History is something already has passed. There are no
    historical facts related to nature claimed by human. Nile is part of the nature
    where it is given to those have it inside their territory. Egypt can have
    history of what so ever in her own territory.
    Ethiopia also has it inside her territory. This is how things are and will continue this
    way. Fret (relaying on USA donation military equipments), hard tone, bulling,
    blackmailing or anything else against Ethiopia will not serve Egypt interest but
    worse her relation with the Nile in the long run.

    They are dump to understand Nile in Ethiopia is not the same as it is in the
    dead Egypt’s desert. In Ethiopia it has thousands tributaries. That means doing
    anything bad against the Dam will not give them a single benefit from the Nile.
    Instead Ethiopians will start using all the Tributaries that are all over the
    highland and Nile will get dry with in Ethiopia.

    However, no one will stop Ethiopia from using her own natural resources the way
    she wants any time and place inside Ethiopia. Egypt is doing the same with the
    Nile and other resources inside Egypt. It is a life and death situation we are fighting
    against poverty. So, we will do everything to defend our own interest no matter
    who is and for what reason.

    What Egyptians have to worry is not the Nile that is there for millennia and it
    will be. But the coup military power that is filled with the Mubarak era
    military elites. No nation benefited and developed with certainty having a
    military government in the past let alone in the 21-century. Egyptians need to
    deal with the Military coup elites than anything else. Because soon or latter
    there will be uprising against the Military rule as it was happened all over the
    world throughout history including in Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Greek, Peru
    and many nations that are now becoming prosper after eliminating the military
    from playing politics.

    However, Egyptians seem do respect and love those treats them like herd of animals
    as Egyptians military is doing against the nation since 1952.

    Ethiopia will continue doing her thing to benefit her people without affecting
    any neighboring or far away nation like Egypt. Egyptians military elites and the
    crones need to stop using the Nile to play dirty politics with in Egypt in a
    way the Military is looking ruling Egypt’s with gun and submission. Instead
    they need to face the huge reality they are facing within and that will not go
    away how much and how long you are using the Nile thinking you can escape from
    the hard situation you are facing in the country.

    Sorry for the mass Egyptian people that has lost the key and solution from all
    sides. As long as people like al Baradai and the likes are not getting rights
    to have the say in Egypt, that desert country will not have future. Too much
    Nile talking, writing or drumming conflicts will not solve anything what Egypt
    is facing for real because of the Military that is taking egypt under its feet
    with teh power of gun and killing spirit.

  • Jasmine

    Same old same old…And did I read Mr.Wassif saying the Grand Renaissance Dam “lacks legitimacy” since “no country has announced its approval of ongoing construction”…?? Why would Ethiopia need approval from any other country on its own resources? I am sorry for the innocent Egyptian mass…whose leaders are playing with unhelpful and twisted manner on this important matter. If arrogance is all you’ve got, we will do all we want with the waters in our land… Bring what you’ll, you will face the consequences for generations to come unless you try to solve the problem with good intentions. 80 million farmers can store the water and irrigate the forests and the grasslands, and we will see what you will do so that you don’t loose ‘one drop of water’. What a bunch of knuckleheads!

    • Al Masry

      to Jasmine:
      I do not know I have a wife in Ethiopia. LOOOL Take care.

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  • Gixy

    Egypt holds a hostile feeling, antagonism towards
    Ethiopia. He said, “Egypt
    will not give up a single drop of its water…” it is water really, if not then
    what? I don’t
    really seem to understand why Ethiopia even wants to discuss and find a sensible
    solution with these guys. Because of their hidden agenda and sabotage Ethiopia
    has never been at peace with itself; lost a chunk of land in the north to the new
    Eritrea, in the process many lives lost between brothers; hence, Ethiopia
    became landlocked with over 90 million inhabitants. Currently, Egypt is financing OLF, ONLF, and others underground to make Ethiopia destabilized, smaller, and weaker. However, those days are
    gone now, today is different, and
    Ethiopia is building the Grand Renaissance Dam as it should for the future of
    the country’s economic growth. As the primary source of most of the Nile waters
    the country has every right within their own territory. Unlike the Egyptian’s,
    Ethiopian’s does bear no ill will towards Egypt, and willing to share the
    resource under mutual respect. If Egypt is warmongering and becomes arrogant that where the line must
    be drawn and Ethiopia should move on according to the plan without Egypt. I
    also recommend for
    Ethiopia to get ready for the worst scenario, if not peacefully then whatever it takes. By
    the way, “Egypt is the gift of the Nile” is a false premise, it should be, “Egypt is the gift of Ethiopia”;
    without Ethiopia letting the Nile River flow for centuries with
    composed of tiny parcels of fertile and soils Egypt would probably not exist.

  • Ibrahim

    Egyptian leaders are confused, I wonder how the Egypt people trust and accept them:
    1-If no single drop of water for negotiation, why they made all the meetings??? If Egypt never loose a drop, Ethiopia continue getting 0 drop of water. Was that in their mind when Egyptians went for all these meetings? if this is true, It is very hard t imagine how much idiot they are.
    2-Ethiopia contribute 85% for Nile, Egypt contribute 0% to Nile water; on the contrary Egypt is saying Ethiopia should not use anything from her resource while has the right to use 85% of the water. By what logic? law? or by force?
    3-I wonder if Egyptian are talking from their reel sense of truth, or purposely ignore the reality to mislead their people and gain political support.
    4-Ethiopia and other Nile basin countries haven’t utilized Nile and their other resources due to lack of capacity. Now any country can use its resource as much as it can. They should not get the mercy of Egypt. It is not Egypt’s resource. Rather Egypt should get the good will of the other countries to continue to use their resource. This is the reality and Egypt should accept it. Time has changed.
    If Egypt doesn’t work out as win-win, it is becoming a big lose for Egypt as time passes by.
    5– Ethiopia and Sudan (other Nile basin countries too) have the same stand. But Egyptian leaders talk as if the disagreement is b/n Ethiopia & Egypt. It is b/n Egypt and the other Nile basin countries. In the previous 3 discussions, Sudan and Ethiopia had the same stand.
    6-Egypt Please DO NOT ask for negotiation unless there is real willingness to compromise. Keep your promise; DO NOT break your promise and ask for discussion as you did this Monday. Do not bother us.

  • Aisha

    Indeed most Egyptians are “misinformed” as the information that they get regarding the GERD project is mainly from their own media, which expectedly favors Egypt. That said, I don’t see any point in negotiating with Egypt if the official stance is “it will not give up a single drop”.

    For those Egyptians who want to see the real issue regarding this project, read this article published in allAfrica. http://allafrica.com/stories/201402111117.html?viewall=1

  • ZakSai

    According to an interview, given by HE Alemayehu Tegegnu to VOA Amharic program soon after the departure of Egyptian Delegation, Ethiopia doesn’t have any ‘ substantial land to be irrigated’ and is not seeking any quota to my dismay. If it were up to me, we should claim a quarter or more as much as Egypt. Lucky for Egyptians, the govt in Adds is magnanimous and they should take what is on the table and stop their belligerence . If the assertive parliament takes up the case, it will go against Egypt judging by the public outrage in Ethiopia due to the latest campaign waged by Egypt to stop aid to Ethiopia and against this project, which hitherto is meant strictly for generating electricity. Meaning once the turbines produce juice they will head back to you,…

  • Markos Alemu

    If one thinks Egyptian concern is just water security, then he must be ignorant or foolish. It is not that difficult to see how much water is crossing Egypt and join the Mediterranean and it is not that difficult how much water is wasted in non-fertile desert or how much water is wasted by mis-management or simple carelessness of the Egyptians.

    Egyptian concern is not water security but simply to be natural jealous of Ethiopia’s development efforts. They are afraid of loosing their regional supremacy and think Ethiopia will soon dominate some where around that. They also want to divert the attention of their people. In short it is more of political and nothing else.

    Yet, Ethiopia can never have a pool that block the natural flow of the nile. Even if it has, we have a natural concern to respect the rights of innocent Egyptian farmers to get water. We are more responsible and world knows all our intention is to generate electric power.

    • Alula Shocking Egypt

      Fuck u; if you are concerned about Egypt why u need to write crap here. Fuck u and do not even call yourself Ethiopian, denez

      • ABCO

        Can’t we focus on the issue sir/madam? It is abvious that we (Ethiopians) have more moral obligation not to deprive citizens of Sudan and Egypt. That’s also the aspiration of the government as well as the people of Ethiopia-to harness their national resource! Tserfi entay yigebir?

        • Alula Shocking Egypt

          ABCO: It is not my business to worry about Egypt. You need to worry about yourself before worrying about others. Egypt did not worry about when you were starving. Coming here and crying baby cry to Arabs is nothing but high level stupidity. Why you beg them? They are not begging you? They are intimidating you. If you can stand them? then stop talking crab and even stop the dam. I have no any respect for this desert rats.

          • Alula Shocking Egypt

            Please do not coming to comment here with panic like Markos. Go into your moms womb. It is better your were not born

  • Alem

    We are witnessing the Egyptians that are politically
    divided in three major groups where the vast majorities are the silent and victims groups while the other two groups that are acting as enemies against each other and invasion forces in Egypt they are there only for their own interest and benefit.

    These two are on one side the Military, security, policy and the likes elites consuming Egypt hugely at the expense of the vast majority of the hand to mouth citizens using
    the Egyptians youth to serve them by putting them in leftover payroll the resources they are getting from Abroad including USA, Europe and recently the petro dollar kings and emirs that are paying Egypt’s military tens of billions
    as bribe to keep and kill democracy in Egypt at the very expense of the Egyptian people and its future.

    Because The petro dollar family lines self declared kings and emirs in the desert hates and fears the most democracy, rule of law, human right including the right of women, accountability, justice, doing the right things and equal citizenship rights. Democracy under free and fair
    election is the only way bringing those very important issues in the country to benefit the majority and guarantee the future of the nation.

    However, Egypt’s military is now becoming totally dependent on foreign free money and weapon for its existence receiving like hand out 10s of billions of petro
    dollar as bribe to serve them killing democracy in Egypt; meaning killing its own citizens, making their live in hell and destroying the nation future. Because no country will prosper and gets the guaranteed future while ruled by a
    military especially in the 21-century and Egypt’s Military is known being hostile and cruel against own citizens where the massacres in the last three years are and will be always there to be identified with it.

    Another question is for how long will continue pouring tens of billions of free foreign money to Egypt as bribes while they are publicly saying taking care of Egypt if not she will collapse and become the worse problem to them knowing the 1994 failed world trade centre terrorist attack leader was an Egyptian blind shek who is languishing in USA prison, the 9/11 terrorists leader (15 Saudis) was an
    Egyptian and the current al Qaida leader is also an Egyptian? The whole world knows tens of billions of
    dollars are given to Egypt as aid or what so ever name it is given but to keep them alive and function as state. They don’t care how Egypt is functioning and about the long term solution that desert nation only 4.5% of its territory is
    useful for anything while the rest is hostile desert difficult even to pass through let alone to live there.

    Huge population with very limited resources needs very wise and competent leaders to handle the situation and guarantee the future generation better life; not a military coup that its nature is known from the past and the crimes
    happening since July 2013 and also after the fall of Mubarak who is the god father to the Egyptian military devastating behaviors against the Egyptian people.

    Wise and component leaders and people are keen to solve its problems and situations including internationally the right ways with less costly ways and benefiting without affecting anyone intentionally. But Egypt’s military brain that is not up to solving the Egyptians issues in a way the country would become free from any foreign aid including military aid as they are getting from USA and others, still
    are thinking engaging with conflicts, hostilities, proxy against the interest of that nation and the likes would benefit them. They seem have no idea zero sum gain is no longer exist in the 21-century but win win approach and
    agreements that would benefit both sides and guarantee the future with certainty.

    Egypt once was a soviet ally. They got free money and technology from the soviets to build the Aswan dam. When the dam finished they tuned their back against the soviet and started to have a relationship with USA and west thinking this relationship would bring them more benefit for free. And it did and still is doing. Hundreds of billions dollar directly and indirectly given to Egypt for free from USA and Europe. But after the coup when USA and Europe demanded them to protect democracy, they are
    looking to have a relationship back to Russia. It is like a worthless woman/girlfriend with benefit looking a man who pays her more and taking care of her better while
    her priority seems doing anything in return to the man. The petro dollar Arabs are now throwing billions of dollars to Egypt as bribe to kill democracy in Egypt for them as if
    they are throwing the sand itself coming from their dead desert place.
    However, after 9/11, the world is no longer what it was in the past when it comes with the desert people. Israel
    that is the only civilized, democratic, advanced and well mannered nation in the region if not in the world would not make even a single mistake being short sited and fast gain benefited miscalculating her ancient and unconditional relation with Ethiopia on one side and the deep
    hostility but baseless and mischief temporarily relationship with the Egyptians military coup. USA especially the
    citizens and politicians also know the true nature of Ethiopia and they will stand with Ethiopia in any differences between Ethiopia and Egypt when/if it
    starts by Egypt.

    Egypt’s military is a proxy USA military 100% taking care of by USA tax payers. So, USA will not allow them to harm any nation using USA military equipment without the USA says so based on USA interest. Russia is an old ally with Ethiopia including the Alexander Pushkin Grandfather Era and Russia and Ethiopia are the two biggest Orthodox nations on earth where Russian citizens including the Orthodox church very much aware of that. China, Japan, Many European nations, Brazil, even Iran and many nations including all African are with Ethiopia.

    Ethiopia never ever had been in such good relationship internationally from all directions including the super powers than what is going on today. Ethiopia also
    never been in such peaceful, stabile, united, engaging with development activities and having their nation destination within own hands and responsibilities with 100% certainty and outcome.
    So, Egypt needs to calm down and give the country politics and leadership to those have brain and can and are will to use the mature brain they have the
    best ways rather than having gun, being emotional and silly brain thinking they will get the Nile with war. The civil
    society and those are free from the barbaric type of religion must come out and take the nation responsibilities in order to benefit Egyptians without having
    conflict and suffering from losses against other nations.

    But when Egypt wants a different direction, she will not turn back the situation again. It will be the end of the road relationship between them and free Nile water. Not only the upstream nations but also the International community will decide about it the way like South Africa is with Lesotho, many nations in Asia, Turkey and so on are dealing with the river issues.

    Be sure, Ethiopia is much more in better position than Egypt is when it comes to international relation. But Ethiopia is 100% having the upper hand on the Nile in her own territory no any foreign nation can do about it. No one goes to the Saudi desert and claim free oil because of she/he has no oil in his/her own country. Even Yemen which is a boarder nation can’t do it despite they are living in a very devastating situation because of they don’t have oil as the Saudis are.

    Let’s the Egypt’s Military and those around it with benefit get some brain freeing themselves from the old one that was/is not good even to Egyptians let alone foreigners that are not paying them free money as bribe the way the Arabs are doing recently paying them for keeping democracy from its way towards them.

    For the record:

    Ethiopia is building 11 mega and modern Sugar factories. Currently she is producing 2.5 million quintal which is more that her annual consumption and already started to export. When those sugar factories are built, she will produce millions of tones sugar from sugar cane for export. Few years ago, Ethiopia was importing cement
    including from Egypt. Today, Ethiopia is exporting cements and the price of cement is now less than half what was few years back despite there are lots of
    huge projects all over the country demanding cements.

    She is building the total of 16 electric power centrals where 11 are hydro including Gibe III (1870MW and 90% of the work is finished) and three wind farm and two geothermal. Solar energy farm will start soon alongside the biggest wind energy farm in Africa, too. The
    country is building 5 huge fertilizer factories. There are many many major infrastructure projects in the country.

    So, money or knowledge is not an issue to build the Hedase dam. The only difference with other major projects
    that are on the making is that the Hedase dam is build by the people, not with any foreign lending money. Currently
    there are more than 7000 workers on the dam working day and night for almost three years including few hundred experts working together with Ethiopians coming from 22 nations.
    However, Egyptian citizens knows nothing the truth about what is going on in Ethiopia for real except telling them lies after lies as if Ethiopia is poor, weak and blah blah. Come to your sense. It is for your benefit. The Ethiopian Nile
    in Ethiopia is for no one and you can’t do anything about it especially if you are behaving the way it is going on for the past 50 years since that Nasser. The game is changed since 9/11 and it is changed forever. You need to change too if you are human and looking for your better

    Best wish to the vast majority victim Egyptian people that are really fallen in the hands of those are victimize them for the last 50 years under the military rule. Yes, it is a sickness and disease including when the drug or other
    substance addicted do love to use the substances that are affecting them badly.
    This must be the case why Egyptians are still allowing the Military elites to rule them despite there is no almost a single nation on earth is ruled by a military that deposed a democratically elected leader.

    No one expects from Egyptians to behave this way and allowing to be treated by this kind mess that is destroying their future in the desert where there are very few resources that are not enough to use them even in peaceful ways let alone with hostilities and conflicts within and against foreign nations including those are giving them the Nile water for free cost hundreds of billions annually if they have to pay for it.

  • Al Masry

    Bad engineering clear in the picture. The coffer dam elevation is almost half the overpass in the picture to avoid flood destruction. which is true fellas? I am saddened to see Ethiopian people taken downstream by ill doers. You need a lot of good luck to break-even. I wish you well.

    • Collateral Damage

      You got all that from the picture? wow you must be super genius, or super ignorant. the latter is more probable.

      • Al Masry

        You can see what I said is true about the difference in elevations. Please no negative personal remarks. We all hare responsibility to our life giver, Nile River.

  • Lobby

    I think Egypt is confused and practically swinging between
    dialogue which entails compromise and “all options” which entails risk if goes unsuccessful. History tells us a
    meaningful dialogue happens between equivalent powers, and when such powers
    make no miscalculations of the other’s potential or possible consequences of “all
    options” such considering that the other party might have at least equal or
    even more “all options”. The current dialogue seems just dressing up for media
    consumption and/or lobbying before the int’l community, or even it might be
    understood as a step towards “all options”. Well, the total entitlement of
    Egypt to the Nile could well be understood if Ethiopia is totally entitled to Swiss
    Canal or the pyramids of Giza. If we talk about entitlement, I think, Egyptians
    are more concerned about their “historic entitlement” than the actual impact of
    this dam.

  • africa

    I do not expect a positive cooperation from Egypt. The best way for Ethiopia is to make sure that it gets what it deserves from the water that originates from its land. This is by no mean against any international law. Its Ethiopia’s commitment that ultimately make a realization of its right. It is a matter of time that Egypt will either pay for every single drop of water from Nile or will not get any at all.

  • Mohammed Moussa

    As an Egyptian I feel shameful for the our political leaders lack of feasible visionary approach and for sticking the universally unacceptable approach as if Nile belongs to Egypt alone. This is insanity.
    1st. We have to recognize the rights of all the rest Nile riparian countries to utilize and share their Allah’s given wealth for their present and future generations.
    2nd. We have to be grateful and peaceful to the Nile waters producing countries for sharing us their waters. war mongering has no place in modern times. This would lead us to political marginalization globally.
    3rd. Our leaders should honestly make aware the people that the 1929 and 1959 treaties which we made between Colonial Britain and the Sudan are unacceptable by our neighbors. The political manupilation made in the past should not be thought to be accepted by the riparian voluntaries
    4th. We have to adopt the technology and strategies as how to use our seas waters.
    5th.. We have to adopt the technology and methods as how to conserve, recycle and use systematically.
    6th. We have to cooperate with the Nile waters source countries in the development water enhancing program mes such as afforestation , etc.
    Long live Egypt !!!!

  • Meskely

    The Egyptian military regime need to be part of the Nile basin countries and agreement to develop the resource for the benefit of all people. If it insist like a colonial force and insist that the rest of African must not drink from the water, it will lose a big time. This big headed approach cannot be sustained. Unless it is used for the benefits of all, it will either dry up or get polluted for no to use it. The upper Nile countries have to benefit to invest in conservation works.

  • Al Masry

    I invite my cousins to enjoy this mudcial Ethiopian/Egyptian mudical band in Cairo.http://www.el-mastaba.org/

  • Al Masry

    As good gusture, I am coming to Addis Abba with this band, Mastabah to have fun. FYI, new generation of turbines are developed to generate power from natural existing water falls like Lake Turkana and Lake Muchison. The turbines use water velocity not water weight like conventional hydropower plant. It will cost far less. LOL.

  • Al Masry

    Wrong Assumption
    I am technical not politician. I think Egypt proposed to change the water agreements known as appropriative water rights. I do not take money from anyone. It is against my personal values and do it because I care about my cousins; Ethiopians.

  • Al Masry

    To Damuturu:
    I agree. I support the Water Rights for all Nile watershed nations. We will benefit by working together instead of against each other. I also agree, that Egyptian delegate is not up to task technically or politically. FYI, common Egyptians agree of the “SHARING and RESPECT.

  • Al Masry

    I am trying to protect my friends from loan sharks and technical pitfalls. Egypt has the obligations to help Ethiopia to achieve its aspiration. I vision the dam lake in few decades will be a big slab of mud infested by tropical diseases and devils (quick sand). I agree that Egyptian team is not up to par.

  • Al Masry

    From Nubia South to Alexandria, North, Egyptians wants to share and respect Nile nations Water Rights. I apologize for the crazy statements done by the criminal, terrorist groups in the past.. The butcher of Sudan; who cut the hands and tongues of his opposition is part of the scam to sucker Ethiopia.

    • tac


      • Al Masry

        I am not provoking any anyone or nation. I promote only the truth and respect among all Nile nations and its water rights. Sharing Nile water is the core of human civilization and the need for cooperation. For example, Sudan can release water from its recent dam whenever Ethiopia need water; and so on. The Blue Nile has 16 locations ideal for generating electricity from floating turbines without the need to build dam, etc. and waste lot of money.

        • tac

          I respect what you saying but I don’t agree with that. Looks like Ethiopia and other upstream water resource owners live forever starving their population for Egyptian sake? How about Egypt respect equitable share of water resources even though its contribution is 0% to Nile River and stop claiming 100% of Nile River. Look for other means: desalination of nearby sea water resources for long term option, use its wind and ground water resource, purchase just like other countries for win-win advantage…etc

          Don’t bother about waste of money on dam construction of the upstream nation. Ethiopians know how to handle it. Thanks to Egypt they barred World bank and IMF not to borrow Ethiopia. Ethiopia prefer to build the dam by its own at least the coming generation could not starve.

          Funny thing I read today; now Egypt is taking as solution to divert Congo River as a source of water! Another mess??? How about consulting Congolese, instead of interning another mess. (Anyways that’s not the topic however another fact).

          • Al Masry

            I appreciate your rational discussion. I agree, Congo River diversion is silly proposition by silly people.
            Water Rights consists of 3 types: Riparian, Beneficial Use and appropriative water right. Nile nation should get together to upgrade water rights and develop a plan to protect the Nile. I do believe based on science and engineering that Ethiopia/Egypt/Sudan can accomplish their objectives. We need to work together not fight to lose. FYI, Egypt can save millions of Cm by clearing its water ways from plants. I am very concerned about the projected short life-time of Ethiopian dam. there are different technologies other than dam-lake technology.

  • Al Masry

    FYI, since the last Ice Age 18,500 ys, water supply of the Nile, Amazon, etc. is increasing. This is compared to China Yellow , India Ganzee, …, rivers that depends on alpine glacial. So why we disagree when we have bright future?

  • Al Masry

    Good Will Conference:

    Nile nations should convene in Addis Ababa to declare new beginning of mutual respect and cooperation. we can work together and gain or fight and lose every thing.

  • Al Masry

    we need to rise to the occasion in dealing with the majestic Nile River. Do we need foreigners to come and show us how it work? shame on all of us who think to degrade our river. It is heresy. We need to show respect to Nile River and use its plenty with kindness. What happened to you people? Stop it now! Long live the Nile River.

    • Girma

      No African recipients for your unhealthful support for constructing dam. don’t you know that we have built many dams in recent years in Ethiopia? who has the experience? not the talk/sabotage. Thank Russians for their support while Aswan was built.

      • Al Masry

        Ws should consider the cumulative effect s of more dams. Nile nations should work together to for the benefit of all. No one nation has the absolute right to do whatever? The majestic river is our life giver and we should respect this fact.

  • Al Masry

    I regret the bad statement came from Egypt. It were insult to Egyptians more than anyone else. To please the Nile River, we need to act responsibly and work together. I wish if Egypt step forward and build the RIGHT dam for Ethiopia based on High Dam experience. Let us act responsibly like Uganda.

    • tac


  • Al Masry

    Going the right way about Dam’s finances.
    I am not economist; but I witnessed how other nations financed big projects. going to greedy banks for compounded interest loan is WRONG. It will double the debt in 10 to 15 years. why my Ethiopian friends do this? It is total insanity beyond comprehension.

    • tac

      FYI: Ethiopia never given a chance to be financed by any international bank for this particular dam. Because Egypt protested the very idea. So the whole project is financed by Ethiopians themselves. You know its not hatred or anything but the fact is from the very start Egypt don’t want Ethiopians to use their resources of the Blue Nile.

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  • Al Masry

    We need to have respectable, objective discussions. All what I have seen is garbles by hateful, unsubstantiated discussions. It is a fact that no one Nile nation has absolute power including Egypt. Can we act maturely and work together to upgrade our agreement and to protect our Nile? shame on all oif us if we can NOT reach agreement.

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  • Al Masry

    To: Tac
    I support the TRUTH about the dam and trying to warn our Ethipian brothers. I do not take money from anyone or represent any country; including Egypt.

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