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Hany Aboul Fotouh

Reconciliation with Rashid—a step towards justice

I know that my point of view about reconciliation with former minister of industry Rashid Mohamed Rashid will be met with objection by many, but I invite you to look at the issue with more neutrality. Last week, the committee concerned with recovering misappropriated funds has made a decision to reconcile with Rashid after he …

Hany Aboul Fotouh

Abdallah Al Moghazy

The mirage of transitional justice in Egypt

The 25 January Revolution in 2011 and the 30 June uprising in 2013 reflected one of the noblest and most peaceful events, in which the Egyptian youth led the revolutionary vanguard, overcoming the restrictions surrounding them. The youth were inspired by the developments of the modern world and the tools of communication, which enabled them …

Abdallah Al-Moghazy