India secures exclusive access to potential lithium deposits in Argentina

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India and Argentina have forged a landmark agreement, granting an Indian company exclusive rights to explore lithium across five blocks in the South American nation. The deal, signed under the watchful eye of India’s Ministry of Mines, paves the way for India to secure a potentially significant source of this critical mineral, vital for various industries. This is reported by Prensa Latina, a partner of TV BRICS.

Should lithium deposits be unearthed within the designated 15,703-hectare area, India will be able to launch full-scale commercial exploitation and production. This marks a pivotal step in India’s quest to diversify its strategic minerals supply chain and gain access to technical expertise in this crucial field.

“This agreement is a historic moment for both India and Argentina,” declared Pralhad Joshi, India’s Coal Minister. He emphasized the deal’s significance in “creating a sustainable and diversified supply chain of essential minerals” for various Indian industries. He further highlighted the potential for technical knowledge transfer and collaboration.

Lithium, a versatile element with diverse industrial applications, plays a key role in sectors ranging from heat-resistant glass and ceramics to air conditioning systems and the vital ionic batteries powering the electric vehicle revolution.

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