Egypt’s Al-Qubba Palace will host 4th National Expo 2021 on 9-11 July

Shaimaa Raafat
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Egypt’s Al-Qubba Presidential Palace will host the fourth edition of the a major real estate event, The National Expo 2021, for the first time in Egypt from 9-11 July.

The event has been organised by a consortium of three leading real estate marketing and exhibitions companies, including: the National Exhibition Company, headed by Moataz Askar and Ahmed Waked, Managing Director and CFO, respectively, of the Address Consultancy company; the RED Real Estate Marketing Company, headed by Khalid Bahig and Mohamed Banany; and the ACG-ITF company, headed by Ahmed Ghozzi.

The National Expo 2021 supports the state’s approach in promoting the domestic and overseas development of national projects. The event brings together leading experts in the organisation of real estate exhibitions and major real estate marketing companies, which are the most important factors for the success of real estate exhibitions.

This is in addition to support for market studies on which the exhibition’s organisers have relied to identify the requirements of the real estate market, and determine investment trends.

Askar announced that the Egyptian real estate market was lacking in a national real estate fair commensurate with the size of national projects implemented by the state, especially in terms of new cities.

The domestic real estate market is also not properly represented locally and externally, and has so far had to rely on foreign fairs. These do not meet the natural goals of real estate companies, whether in the public or private sectors.

Askar said that the National Expo 2021 will be the start of a series of local and foreign national exhibitions based on the marketing, promotion, and introduction of national projects. Foremost of these are the New Administrative Capital (NAC), New Alamein City, Galala City, Al Sokhna, New Mansoura, and New Damietta.

The event also aims to highlight the ongoing works in the NAC, as government ministries and entities are set to move to the major national project in the coming period.

For his part, Waked said that new and innovative marketing plans have been made for The National Expo industry, to serve the orientations of the state and the Egyptian leadership. These plans also seek to promote real estate projects for the benefit of real estate developers and government projects.

This will attract new investments, by providing studies and a complete database on investment opportunities in each area, the volume of demand, and the purchasing power of the targeted customers.

At the same time, the studies will highlight the quality of real estate products that the market requires to provide qualified investment services to the individuals who aim to invest in the real estate sector in the coming period.

Waked pointed out that the export of real estate is one of the National Expo’s priorities in the coming period, with the event strongly equipped to serve as the starting point of a real start boom for this industry. Real estate has witnessed a recent period of quiet driven by many factors, including the repercussions of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Meanwhile, the National Exhibition Company is planning to organise its first foreign real estate events in Saudi Arabia, with the support of the Egyptian state, to begin the first steps to officially represent Egyptian real estate exports.

The National Expo 2021 will focus on real estate and tourism projects in new cities, in addition to residential, administrative, commercial, service, and entertainment projects.

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