Egypt’s ‘Platform’ website to organise new online concerts season

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The Egyptian website Nowhere Online Music Platform, better known as Platform, has announced a call to all musicians in Egypt to apply for its new season of online concerts.

While offering their support in creating professional high-quality video and audio material, Platform’s focus on online concerts will be given to young and budding bands who do not have opportunities to present their work publicly.

The chosen applicants will be offered a live video music session and professionally filmed material that will help them in further marketing their work. 

In parallel, Platform will support musicians in marketing their audio material through numerous digital platforms, such as Spotify, Anghami, and Deezer, assuring the financial returns.

Egypt’s ‘Platform’ website to organise new online concerts season

The young artists will also be offered workshops and advisory sessions with renowned local and international musicians, where they will receive tutoring in music production as well as marketing techniques. 

While welcoming new, original, and bold musical ideas, and without setting age limitations, Platform has set a few guidelines for musicians willing to apply.

The requirements include: the concert should not exceed 30 minutes; only original music and songs should be performed, with covers not accepted; the band should not exceed five members; there should be artistic manager, who is not one of the performing musicians, in charge of the band; and, the band should provide photos.

Founded in 2014 by Emad Mabrouk, the Nowhere Online Music Platform aims to create a central point for all young and aspiring musical talents. 

Originally a filmmaker and film researcher, Mabrouk’s portfolio includes working at the Jesuit Cultural Centre in Alexandria and at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s film department. He is now focusing on Platform’s new projects and music.

Among the website’s reservoir, one can find bands such as Almena, Hawas, and Hageen, among other bands which have come to light in the past few years.

Online concerts are one of the numerous activities supported by by Platform, and feature multiple musicians, such as Adham El-Habashy, Mizology, Ahmed Hamady, and Huda Asfour. 

Platform cooperated with Massar Egbari in their live-streamed concert, which took place on 24 March 2020. It was the first performance of its kind by an Egyptian band, held right after the general lockdown was put in place across Egypt.

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