Art D’Égypte spotlights Al Mu’izz Street’s glory

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For three years in a row, Art D’Égypte’s targeted mission of celebrating Egypt’s unique artists, and captivating art pieces, was an inseparable part of highlighting the importance of persevering heritage sites that Egypt is known for globally.  This year, the heart-capturing beauty of Al Mu’izz street, and the timeworn glorious buildings of Old Cairo are to be spotlighted at Art D’Égypte’s third exhibition, planned to take place in October.

The exhibition hosts the work of Egypt’s most prominent artists. The alluring showcase platform comes under the supervision of Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities.

“The exhibition aims to promote Egypt’s central role in contemporary art. The activities include art talks and training workshops”, Art D’Égypte’s curator, Nadine Abdel Ghaffar, said in a press release

The press release adds that Art D’Égypte has organised a series of exhibitions over the past two years with a view of promoting Egyptian art and supporting young artists by creating cooperation opportunities with private organisations concerned with boosting arts in Egypt, and presenting contemporary creations of emerging Egyptian talents to the world. The exhibitions also aim to call attention to Egypt’s modern and contemporary art scene and linking it to the country’s glorious cultural and historical heritage while highlighting the diversity and richness of Egyptian art over the centuries.

For two weeks, the hub of the Fatimid era’s most luxurious mosques, is to witness a variety of contemporary art pieces by a diverse range of passionate local artists who will display their pieces at an open museum along the street.

“This year, we have chosen Al Mu’izz Street, which is an open museum of a magnificent range of mosques, schools and sebil (fountain) structures of impressive architectural designs. The event will feature an interesting mix of activities including art talks and training workshops for emerging talents, students, and art lovers,” Abdel Ghaffar explained.

She added that this is not the first time Art D’Égypte aims to merge contemporary art and ancient history, asserting, “In our first show ‘Eternal Light: A Night of Art at the Egyptian Museum’, works of some of Egypt’s foremost contemporary artists were displayed against the timeless backdrop of ancient artefacts at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Our aim was to connect the history of our past with the vernacular of the present and show the world that Egypt has continued to play a central role in contemporary art and the cultural landscape.”

“In addition, last year, we organised ‘Nothing Vanishes, Everything Transforms’, the second in our successful series of exhibitions. It put on view a collection of artworks by 28 contemporary artists at the Manial Palace Museum in Cairo, which it’s Andalusian, Arab, and Ottoman halls speak of the diversity of Egyptian culture and arts,” she shared.

For the past years, the exhibition succeeded in attracting over 10,000 visitors including 2,000 tourists, and received in-kind donations of preserving and upgrading historic sites where the shows took place, including the lighting systems there.

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