Egypt to organise roadshow in Spain to promote cultural tourism: Official

Nehal Samir
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Egypt will organise a roadshow, in June, to promote its cultural tourism in Spain, according to Mohamed Osman, head of the Committee for the Promotion of Cultural Tourism in Luxor.

Osman also said that the roadshow would work with the aim of attracting global companies and tour operators.

Talking to Daily News Egypt, Osman said that the event will feature Egypt’s various tourism destinations and the latest huge archaeological discoveries.

It will also shed light on the precautionary measures implemented at airports, hotels, archaeological sites, and museums across Egypt, in addition to presenting a review of the country’s novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and the decline of cases.

During the interview, Osman highlighted the plans that will be put in place by the Committee for the promotion of cultural tourism in Luxor during the post-COVID-19 period. The plans aim to promote Egypt’s cultural tourism, and boost the long-suffering sector.

He said that the Committee is also preparing to organise more roadshows in Scandinavian countries, due to the region’s markets being very important for tourism, and that efforts should be made to attract them to Egypt again.

“We are also conducting a study on the reasons for the disappearance of some markets from Egypt and focusing on creative, innovative ways to attract them again to the country,” Osman said.

He also said that it Eastern Europe has been proven as an important market for Egypt in light of traditional markets no longer providing their input.

Osman highlighted the need to undertake the necessary preparations and celebrations for the important historical event represented in the opening of the 2,700 metre Rams Road linking the Luxor and Karnak temples. He mentioned that this celebration will be held under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi.

“We are planning to make use of the Rams road after its inauguration, as it can be used in holding contemporary tourism celebrations and festivals, similar to the activities that took place in Ancient Egyptian times,” Osman said, “We will also hold many events from time-to-time throughout the year, and this will be a revival of the city in general, and cultural tourism in particular, especially as tourists will be able for the first time to enjoy all the events held in Luxor.”

“We are now studying the foundation of a tourism exchange between Egypt and Asian markets in October, in case we see improvements in terms of the COVID-19 situation,” he said.

Osman added that a B2B tourism exchange was to be held, mainly in Luxor, to include India, China, Japan, and Korea, but it was unfortunately disrupted due to the pandemic. 

He said that Luxor has received 195,000 foreign tourists coming from Hurghada on one-day trips. This number is a significant tranche of the 480,000 tourists who visited Hurghada during the period from August 2020 to date.
"We are now thinking of developing the idea in order to increase the length of the stay in Luxor," Osman said, “Tourism companies have started to send us inquiries about the next season, especially in the summer months.”
He noted that Dahabiya, Boutique and small hotels played an important role in bringing in tourism during the last period, as they were more economical to operate. This was particularly relevant given the low demand for floating hotels, hence the need to pay attention to them as distinct tourism products.
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