Parliament approves $160,000 TFSCB grant agreement

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The House of Representatives approved on Sunday a $160,000 grant agreement from the Trust Fund for Statistics Capacity Building (TFSCB).

The grant will be used to support the preparation of the national strategy for the development of statistics.

A Ministry of International Cooperation statement on Sunday said the grant agreement was signed last December between the Egyptian government, represented by the Ministry and the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS), and the World Bank.

Minister of International Cooperation Rania Al-Mashat said the national strategy will see statistical assessments of various sectors. This will include the initial evaluation of at least five important sectors, and monitoring the sustainable development goals and national strategy development.

The minister added that the National Statistics Development Strategy Team is working in cooperation with experts to conduct assessments. They will also jointly implement capacity-building measures for the effective strategy and sectoral statistical assessment team, as well as monitor and evaluate the strategy’s implementation.

Minister Al-Mashat indicated that the team is working to organise overseas study missions for selected members of the strategy preparation team. These members will visit countries that have successfully implemented the sector-wide strategy.

She praised CAPMAS’ role as a leading statistical body internationally that contributes to Egypt’s development efforts. The minister added that CAPMAS works to produce reliable and targeted statistics to meet the needs of state agencies, business community, universities, research centres, researchers, and international organisations.

“CAPMAS aims to develop worker capabilities to produce data according to international standards and in a timely manner that meets the needs of users while raising the community`s statistical awareness,” Minister Al-Mashat said.

The TFSCB is a multi-donor trust fund that aims to improve the capacity of developing countries to produce and use statistics. This support comes with an overall objective of supporting effective decision-making for development. 

The fund is a global grant facility administered by the Development Data Group at the World Bank on behalf of the contributing donors. 

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