Egypt, France, UK, UAE, US, and Italy call for immediate end of Libya violence

Daily News Egypt
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The governments of Egypt, France, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States said in a joint statement that they reiterate their deep concern about ongoing hostilities in Tripoli, call for an immediate de-escalation and halt to the current fighting, and urge the prompt return to the UN-mediated political process.

“There can be no military solution in Libya. Persistent violence has claimed nearly 1,100 lives, displaced more than 100,000, and fueled a growing humanitarian emergency, ” the statement added.

The ongoing confrontation has threatened to destabilize Libya’s energy sector and exacerbated the tragedy of human migration in the Mediterranean.

“We note our deep concerns about the ongoing attempts by terrorist groups to exploit the security vacuum in the country, call on all parties to the Tripoli conflict to dissociate themselves from all such terrorists and individuals designated by the UN Sanctions Committee, and renew our commitment to see those responsible for further instability held accountable,” the statement concluded.

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