Ioniq Hybrid 2019: Ghabbour Auto launches Hyundai’s first hybrid car in Egypt

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Combining the advantages of conventional fuel and electricity in a harmonious system suited to the needs of the future:

    • Bi-Xenon HID headlights and front and rear LED lights

    • Speed ​​stabiliser, intelligent switch, and keyless engine start

    • 6 DCT transmission

    • Front and side airbags

    • Front seats’ cooling and heating feature

    • Front and rear backup sensors

    • Rear camera

    • 5 inch colour LCD display entertainment system

    • Mobile phone charger

    • 17 inch aluminium rims, full aluminium back-up frame, and tire pressure control system

    • Rear spoiler with LED brake light

    • Electric sunroof

    • Heat and harmful rays’ resistant glass

    • Choice of driving mode

    • Leather seats

    • Electrically adjustable driver’s seat

    • Automatic light sensors

    • Intelligent front grille designed to improve performance, and efficiently cool the engine

Ghabbour Auto (GB), Hyundai’s exclusive agent in Egypt, continues to impress by being able to meet all the requirements of various categories in the Egyptian market, and to set new standards in the vehicles’ category with unique features. Its latest car, the Ioniq Hybrid 2019, which the company plans to launch in September, is just the latest example of the GB’s continued leadership of the automotive sector in Egypt.

The main features of the car are the combination of the advantages of using fuel and clean energy (electricity) to suit modern needs, without the need for any charging, as the vehicle is charged by dynamic movement, as well as brake use. This allows the driver to combine both the appropriate fuel consumption with comfort and luxury, in addition to protecting the environment, and conserve resources for future generations.

The unique exterior of the Ioniq Hybrid 2019 features sleek lines and a modern shape, enhanced by xenon lights with a rear spoiler, and LED brake lights, along with daytime LEDs and LED backlights. The 17 inch sparkling alloy rims compliment the confident sporty look of the car, especially with its elegant front grille, side mirrors with LED lights, electric fittings, and lighting under the exterior mirrors.

Capacity and performance

The Ioniq Hybrid 2019 features ideal dimensions: length 4,470 mm, width 1,820- 2,045 mm, height 1,450 mm and a suitable height from the ground 150 mm.

The Ioniq Hybrid also has a 1.6cc engine capacity,105hp at 5700 rolls, or 147 nm at 4000 rolls through 4 cylinders, a 6-speed transmission DCT, and 32 kW of electric motor capability, which gives it maximum horsepower through the electric motor, reaching 43.5 hp, thus the total hp capacity with a traditional engine and an electric motor equivalent to 148.5 hp.

The fuel tank has a capacity of 45 litres, which ensures optimum fuel consumption. It consumes of 3.9 litres per 100 km.

The high-efficiency lithium battery, which is automatically charged by dynamic movement, as well as brake use and when driving on slopes, has a capacity of 1.56 kW.

Ioniq Hybrid 2019 features Top-Notch safety systems

The Ioniq Hybrid 2019 offers the best safety systems available to ensure a smooth driving experience and safe access to your destination wherever you are headed to. These features include ABS brakes, EBD electronic brake distribution, electronic stability control, ESC, Hill start assist control HAC, front and side airbags, front and rear sensors to assist drivers in parking their vehicles and alert them in case of an obstacle, prevent pedestrian injury, prevent scratches and shocks, and a tire pressure monitoring system.

The Ioniq is equipped with a shock resistant steel structure for the highest levels of safety and protection for driver and passengers.

An enjoyable driving experience with infinite luxury

The Ioniq Hybrid 2019 combines all the comfort and smooth driving features of the world’s leading car manufacturers, including the choice of driving quality, steering speed booster, speed booster, intelligent key, and keyless engine management.

This is in addition to automatic air-conditioning, rear air-conditioning vents, auto fog removal system, tilt steering wheel, steering wheel extension, and low-water warning.

The elegant leather seats convey and confirm the young spirit of the car.

Additional features include the cooling and heating systems of the front seats, adjusting the driver’s seat electrically, with the possibility of auto-pilot steering to maximise the driver’s comfort, foldable rear seats for greater storage, with a 7 inch colour screen for ultimate luxury and all the choices that passengers need.

The lighting sensors are automatic as are the rain sensors, one of the greatest technologies available in the car—especially with the electric ceiling, heat-resistant glass, and harmful rays’ resistant ceiling to suit different climates and regions.

The front panel is functional and luxurious. The driver helps control all its features through the multipurpose steering wheel, 5 inch colour LCD display for the entertainment system, mobile phone charger, front USB charger, Bluetooth, 6 high-quality speakers, USB-AUX audio input, and a dynamic rear-view camera.

The Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid 2019 is full of creativity.

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