Abou Ghaly Motors ranks 1st in Africa, 6th worldwide as GEELY Auto agent for 2022

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Abou Ghaly Motors –the exclusive agent of GEELY auto in Egypt– received praise from GEELY Auto International for winning the Best Performance Awards for the year 2022. GEELY Auto recently announced the performance evaluation of its global agents for 2022.

Just 12 months after the start of the strategic partnership between Abou Ghaly Motors and GEELY Auto Global, which resulted in an outstanding and remarkable performance.

GEELY Auto recently announced the results of the evaluation of after-sales service performance at its global agents, which celebrated the efforts of the most prominent strategic allies of GEELY throughout the world. The results came as a tribute and recognition of the relentless efforts of the Abu Ghaly Group team, who showed unwavering commitment and diligence in meeting the needs of GEELY’s customers in Egypt.

Below is a detailed list of the awards won by Abou Ghaly Motors, the exclusive agent of GEELY Auto in Egypt, for the 2022 performance evaluation:

  • First place in Africa and sixth globally for providing the best after-sales performance and services
  • Four-star rating for Abu Ghaly Motors as an authorized dealer for GEELY Auto Global 2022
  • Four-star rating for the integrated GEELY Auto main branch at Al Moushier Tantawi Axis in New Cairo as a model and basic standard for GEELY Auto’s global after-sales service level.
  • Four-star rating for the best general manager of after-sales services 2022 – Reda Khedr
  • Best technical director for after-sales services 2022 – Mohamed El Sayed
  • Best customer service department manager for after-sales services in 2022 – Mustafa Abdel Nasser
  • Best management for the warranty department for after-sales services 2022 – Abou Ghaly Motors
  • Best service centre manager according to GEELY Auto’s global standards 2022 – Hazem Kamal

It is worth mentioning that Abu Ghaly Group, since obtaining the GEELY distribution in Egypt, has been paying optimal attention to providing GEELY products at the highest level…”

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