Shoukry asserts Egypt’s commitment to investigate Polish tourist death

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Egypt’s Minister of Foreign Affairs SamehShoukry affirmed to his Polish counterpart on Friday, during a phone call between the two,Egypt’s commitment to cooperate with the Polish authorities to conduct investigations to clarify the circumstances of a Polish tourist’s death in Hurghada, Egypt, according to a press statement.

Egyptian Tourism Police said that the 27-year-old Polish tourist, Magdalena Zuk, committed suicide on 30 April in a hospital in Hurghada, to which she was accompanied “for her own safety”, reported local media.

Zuk arrived alone to Egypt on 25 April. Her spouse was in contact with her and was “disturbed by her behaviour”, and therefore he made plans for her earlier return home, according to Polish public broadcaster TVP.
Although TVP reported that Zuk was tied to her bed because of her “aggressive behaviour”, she managed to free herself and jump out off the window.

Reportedly, CCTV footage of Zuk in the hospital was released, showing how she was trying to free herself from the bed.

Zuk’s family said that her unfamiliar behaviour indicated that she was harmed during her stay in MarsaAlam and just tried to escape.

“We saw the footage and in my opinion she was very hurt. She’s trying to run from this hospital. She’s getting hurt. I am her older sister, and I know that she was harmed,” Zuk’s sister told TVP.

Egyptian doctors reportedly said that Zuk’s behaviour was caused by mental illness, particularly depression.

While Polish media claim that Zuk was sexually abused, Egyptian authorities denied that and declared that her suicide was a result of her mental illness.

Egypt’s Forensic Authority announced earlier in May that an autopsy of Zuk’s body had started; however, results have not been announced.
Polish prosecutor general Bogdan Święczkowski said that Egypt is showing a high willingness to cooperate in the investigations, adding that investigations would be either conducted in both countries or that a joint committee of investigators would be established, according to local Polish media.


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