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Ultras groups banned by court order

"They will not have a voice in the face of the regime," says anti-Ultras lawyer

The Cairo Court for Urgent Matters banned Saturday ultras football fan groups and ordered that they should be dissolved. (AFP File Photo)
The Cairo Court for Urgent Matters banned Saturday ultras football fan groups and ordered that they should be dissolved.
(AFP File Photo)

The Cairo Court for Urgent Matters banned Saturday ultras football fan groups and ordered that they should be dissolved.

The lawyer behind the lawsuit, Ashraf Farahat, who also demands the banning of the 6 April Youth Movement, told Daily News Egypt that the ultras will now be considered a “terrorist organisation”.

“They will not be able to act in the name of those groups during football matches, nor will they have any voice in face of the regime, and any person acting in their name should be arrested,” Farahat stated.

The initial lawsuit filed by Zamalek SC chairman Mortada Mansour called for banning the activities of ultras groups and listing them as terrorist groups. The lawsuit also accused the groups of storming the Egyptian Football Association, the headquarters of Al-Ahly football club, and the state security building, as well as plotting to assassinate former sports minster Al-Amry Farouk.

The case has been pending since September 2014, when tensions between the hardcore fan group Ultras White Knights (UWK) and Mansour increased, and after they participated in several protests.

The same court had decided it did not have jurisdiction over the case on 27 April, but the decision was appealed.

According to Law 8/2015 regarding “terrorist entities”, cases must be looked into before criminal courts. Complaints regarding an alleged terrorist entity must come from the Prosecutor General’s office to one of the specified courts, and not a lawsuit filed by an independent lawyer to court, such as in the ultras case.

The law identified “terrorist bodies” as those that aim at disrupting and endangering public safety and national security, and a list of similar broad definitions.

Members of the group have become a target for police authorities and state security, with arrests, detention and interrogations regarding “terrorist charges.”

Prosecutor General Hisham Barakat claimed that Muslim Brotherhood members provided UWK members with money and explosive materials to commit violence and riots during the Air Defence Stadium clashes last February.


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4 responses to “Ultras groups banned by court order

  1. Those wild baboons do not belong to sport arenas; but wild animal zoo. They are the curd of scums.

    I would like to know what their justification for this rowdy behavior?

    1. Rowdy behavior should not cause you to be banned as a terrorist organization. These are young people that organized themselves because football is one of the only pleasures in a desperate life in Egypt. They began political protests because they, like millions of young people in Egypt – will never have any chance at a prosperous life. The country is an embarrassment abroad, human rights are non-existent. Egypt can do so much better than targeting youth groups like the Ultras and April 6

  2. The Ultras are being targeted for their involvement in the revolt of 2011. They are assembled of young fans of their football clubs and also engaged in political protests. It seems that the entire country has forgotten, just 3 years ago groups like the Ultras and April 6 were being celebrated as visionaries of the revolution. Now that political speech is impossible and the revolution is hated, we have changed our minds.

    Our country has military and police and security forces that falsely imprison, torture and sexually assault prisoners. This is documented thoroughly by Human Rights Watch. It is not my personal opinion, it is fact. However, instead of solving the deep problems of our society, we blame groups like the Ultras and April 6 in the name of order.

  3. Being so hated by this regime is a testament, not a reproach, to the Ultras. The Ultras are vastly superior to the ruling class in every aspect of humanity.

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