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Police officer killed, 4 injured in Cairo attack

A terrorist organisation has yet to claim responsibility for the incident 

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Senior officer killed in drive by in Daqahliya

Security officials say the attack is an act of terrorism

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Yusuf Sameh Alaraby: martyr of chaos, negligence, recklessness, and absence of law

"Dance him to heaven" were the sad mother’s, Marwa Kennawy, last words,…

Sahar Qassem Sahar Qassem

Suspect accused of ambushing Fayoum police force killed in action

Police says dead suspect was a member for the militant group Hasm

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Police general, conscript killed in North Sinai explosion

The victims have been identified as brigadier general Ahmed Kamal Mahmous, 49,…

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Conscript killed in militant attack on checkpoint in Rafah

Security campaign detonates IEDs on a near daily basis, says state media

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Egypt identifies 9 nationals killed in Libya

The tribes in Beni Walid will do their best to enforce the…

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Police officer referred to prosecution for injuring microbus driver

Altercation between police officer and driver over traffic ended with the officer…

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49 security personnel killed in first quarter of 2016: study

According to the Regional Center for Strategic Studies, 31 of the victims…

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13 policemen and soldiers killed in Al-Arish attack

  Thirteen policemen and soldiers were killed on Saturday night in an…

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