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Intensifying pre-emptive attacks needed in Sinai: Analysts - Daily News Egypt

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Intensifying pre-emptive attacks needed in Sinai: Analysts

New joint command gives more control over fighting units, says security expert

President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi issued Saturday a decree to form a new joint military command to fight terrorism east of the Suez Canal.

The decree was issued during a Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) meeting in which details of the deadly Thursday attacks in North Sinai were discussed. At least 30 security personnel and civilians were left dead in the attack.

“A joint command means all forces on the eastern side of the Canal will be under one authority which gives more control on the fighting units and more speed in the collecting information process,” said General Alaa Ezzeddin, former head of the army’s strategic studies unit.

He added that fast coordination between fighting units will help create a clearer security vision of the region.

“We are facing international terrorism not local even if its tools are local,” said director of the Strategic and Security Studies Centre, Alaa Bazeid.

He added that the decision to form a new military body responsible solely for counterterrorism came at the right time. He said that he believes the militant insurgency in Sinai always needed a separate entity to deal with it, “as the threat to Egypt comes mainly from the eastern front”.

In a detailed Friday statement, the ‘State of Sinai’ militant group, formerly known as Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis, claimed responsibility for the attacks, which targeted military and interior ministry facilities in Al-Arish, Sheikh Zuweid and Rafah.

The group’s statement said “hundreds” were killed in the attacks, a claim refuted by a representative from the military spokesman’s press office who said “the numbers will not be announced”. However, he said the figures reported by media outlets, between 20 and 30, are closer to actual figures.

“Intensifying preemptive attacks and improving the attacking tactics” will be the main development to the army’s operation in Sinai, according to Bazied.

He also added that “informative nature of the war against terrorism makes it essential to develop the intelligence side of our operations”.

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  • Al Masry

    Terrorist are hiding and I do not see how you can identify them for a surprise attack? As quick solution, we need several Rapid Force units with light armors-but heavy enough against RPG-along Gaza border for instant response. A water barrier along the border is the best long-term solution for illegal crossings above and underground. Tahya Misr.

  • Al Masry

    To release the “Savages” who attacked Egypt in the past, King Tohotmos cut their ears before release. It is good tradition not in violation to HR. Please do it. Tahya Misr. Allah AKber.

  • Al Masry

    Military rules state that Attacker lose four times more that the defenders. Cutting terrorists’ money and arm supplies will do far better than attacking their hideouts. Placing Fast Response small units along the border will ensure terrorists death with minimum effort. Prefab concrete bunkers are ideal and easy to assemble to house our special forces. Army garrisons with helicopters, further west, will ensure the total kill of terrorists.

    It was a colossal mistake to put the army and police on the front line for easy take by terrorists armed with RPG.

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