Saudi Police denies Egyptian woman was raped

Nouran El-Behairy
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Minister Delegate Amr Roshdy, the official spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Saturday that the Egyptian consulate in Jeddah is in constant contact with the Egyptian citizen whose wife was reportedly detained and subjected to attempted rape.

On Wednesday, Sabq online newspaper published the story of an Egyptian woman who was kidnapped and raped by Saudis. The report said that a rescue team which belongs to the Civil Defense in Mecca found her tied up and in a bad physical and psychological condition; she was immediately taken to hospital.

According to Sabq, a resident of Sharaa district, he heard a woman crying for help. The rescue team found her, and she said she had been there for five days and a group of young men had been taking turns to rape her each day.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs demanded clarification from the Egyptian consulate in Jeddah regarding the media reports. State news agency MENA quoted Ali Al-Eshery the minister’s assistant for consular and Egyptian expatriates’ affairs saying “the ministry demanded urgent confirmation of the incident, details about it and measures taken against perpetrators as well as a report about the issue.”

The Mecca police issued a statement on Friday denying the rape incident and saying that the media reports about the issue were inaccurate, reported Al-Sharq newspaper.

“The police received a report from an Egyptian resident saying that he went to buy lunch and when he returned his wife wasn’t home. His children told him that she left the house crying after receiving a call… the husband said that his wife was possessed by Jinn,” the statement read.

After nine hours, when a resident informed the police he heard a woman asking for help, the police went to the scene they found the woman was not in a visibly distressed state.

Upon investigation, the police claimed the woman said she was in a bad psychological condition and went to the Holy Haram, then she received a call from her husband’s employer asking to meet her to give her papers which belong to her husband. He locked her in a house but she wasn’t raped.

“The employer was questioned and admitted problems with the husband but he denied meeting the wife as he was out of Mecca at the time of the incident. He said it was a false complaint… the employer was arrested pending investigation” the statement read.

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