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Egypt takes issue with AU inclusion of Turkey, Qatar in Libya meeting

Foreign minister stresses AU must coordinate with Egypt before including non-African countries

By Marina Makary

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry announced that Egypt did not attend the opening meeting session of the International Contact Group for Libya Wednesday morning in Addis Ababa, state media reported.

Shoukry explained the decision came in accordance with the Libyan Foreign Minister, and representatives of the UAE and Saudi Arabia. It came in light of the failure of the African Union (AU) Commission’s commitment to familiar procedures of conducting such meetings only after consultation and coordination with AU states.

Egypt’s objection came after Turkey and Qatar were invited by the commissions’ chair, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, to attend the ministerial-level gathering, according to state-run news agency MENA

He added that Egypt’s absence from the meeting aimed “to send a clear message” that there must be close coordination AU countries regarding participation of countries outside the union for AU-linked meetings.

However, Shoukry clarified that Egypt still participated in the meeting with a minor delegation headed by Amgad Abdulghaffar, Deputy Assistant to the Foreign Minister for African Organisations. This is due to its interest in Libyan affairs and its support for the Libyan government, according to state media.

Relations between Egypt and both Turkey and Qatar have been tense since the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi, who was supported by both countries.

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  • Egypt is a sponsor of terror

    Do let the door hit your ass on the way out. No one wants your terrorist involvement in the region. It is good that you marginalized yourself by having this tantrum. Fuck off, Egypt. Fuck Egypt and fuck its idiot Sisi.

    • Boss

      FUCK YOU!!
      You should probably check your facts before you open your little fagot mouth, you fucking hobo.Turkey and Qatar are the biggest sponsors of terrorism !!

      • Egypt is a sponsor of terror

        Nope, you are incorrect again idiot. Egypt is the main foreign agent in Libya and thus the primary source of terrorism there. There is not much real Turkish involvement. Some Qatari but not as much now as Egypt.
        It is simply a fact that Egypt sponsors terrorism in Libya. Talking about Qatar cannot cleansing the filth from Egypt or your own mouth. Egypt has attacked the same cities that ISIS forces recently attacked. That’s rather dumb. By attacking Tripoli, Egypt and the UAE have weakened the city’s defenses against ISIS. They do this over a game of trying to play proxy war there and install their own douchebags.
        It is no great loss if Egypt refuses to attend conferences on Libya.
        And, of course, fuck you.

        • Boss

          Hahahahahaha… You stupid little fagot! Go on, you will Soon be sucking cock for the rest of your little meaningless life!
          The question is whether you want to suck Al-Sisi or Heftar ??

          • Egypt is a sponsor of terror

            You are an idiot and knows nothing about almost any country. It does not matter whether or not you accept the facts. The Egyptian/UAE terror attacks against west Libyan cities were later followed up by ISIS attacks. This shows that the Egyptian regime is quite dumb, just like you. It is foolish to attack cities and citizens fighting off ISIS forces.
            Neither of the two terrorists you mentioned will rule Libya. Both are despised by more than half of the population.
            The regional state system will outlast the terrorist Sisi.
            The question for you is, will you be taking orders from Misrata or from the Egyptian revs in the future?
            Your posts indicate that you will never understand how stupid you are.

  • InfantryVeteran

    If people get the government they deserve, Egyptians must be a hoard of pedophiles.

  • Intellectualist

    Without engagement neither will convince the other of anything.

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