Traffickers of military and police uniforms arrested: Interior Ministry

Federico Manfredi
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The Azbakia Police Station investigation department in Cairo arrested a group of men for possessing large quantities of military and police uniforms with the intent of selling them, according to a statement released Sunday by the Ministry of Interior.

The men were allegedly selling the uniforms and a number of accessories including berets and insignia in the streets around Ramses Square, where Cairo’s main railway station is located. Security forces seized the entire stock of uniforms and accessories, the value of which was estimated to be approximately EGP 500,000.

Since the ousting of Mohamed Morsi in July 2013, militant attacks have killed hundreds of police and military personnel. Insurgent groups are most active in North Sinai, though attacks have occurred throughout the country.

Egypt’s armed forces had issued a warning to citizens to be wary of possible officer impersonators in March 2013, after finding several rolls of fabric used to make army and police uniforms in a tunnel between Rafah and Gaza.

The Ministry of Interior stated that “all necessary legal procedures” would be taken to uncover those connected to the latest incident, in order to trace the source of the uniforms and arrest the manufacturers.

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