Foreign Ministry celebrates Egyptian Diplomacy Day

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs celebrated Egyptian Diplomacy Day on 15 March.

A ceremony was organized at the headquarters of the Diplomatic Club in Cairo, in the presence of Sameh Shoukry, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, a number of former ministers and foreign ministers, a number of members of the Egyptian and foreign diplomatic corps, parliamentarians, journalists, intellectual figures and academics.

In a statement to Ambassador Ahmed Abu Zeid, the spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry noted that Egyptian Diplomacy Day is a day of appreciation and recognition for the efforts and sacrifices made by the members of the Egyptian diplomatic corps.

He added that this celebration is an annual event to meet successive generations of members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who have spent many decades in the diplomatic service with their peers who are still in service.

Abu Zeid said that this year’s celebration was dedicated to celebrating Egypt’s diplomatic and consular missions abroad, and expressing appreciation for the efforts of members of the diplomatic corps working abroad to preserve Egyptian interests and protect the homeland’s capabilities.

The event was organized in a hybrid format that allows all of Egypt’s embassies and consulates abroad to participate via video conferencing.

Abu Zeid noted that the Minister of Foreign Affairs delivered a speech during the ceremony, in which he referred to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ pride that its feast represents an important national occasion in the history of the country, the day that coincides with the anniversary of the issuance of Egypt’s Declaration of Independence on March 15, 1922, following the statement of February 28 that ended foreign protection over the country.

Egypt regained its right to represent itself, and the Foreign Ministry was reinstated after being suspended following the imposition of foreign protection.

Shoukry also confirmed that the Egyptian Foreign Ministry is one of the oldest diplomatic schools in the world, due to its proven competence and professionalism that has been established over the decades.

He also highlighted the awareness of the Ministry and its members of the level of national responsibilities assigned to them, which is what the Ministry of Foreign Affairs system at home and abroad works with harmoniously and in full coordination with state agencies to ensure the formulation and implementation of a foreign policy capable of preserving the interests of the country.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs concluded his speech by confirming that the members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs renewed the pledge they had made to protect Egypt’s security and higher interests and care for its citizens abroad.

During the ceremony, a documentary film was shown about the work and role of Egypt’s missions abroad, highlighting the efforts of Egyptian missions around the world in strengthening bilateral relations with various countries.

The film also highlighted the role played by Egypt’s consular missions in caring for Egyptians abroad through continuous communication with them, providing consular services to them and ensuring that their rights are protected and enabling them to exercise their constitutional rights by organizing their participation in elections abroad.

The missions are also making efforts in the framework of economic diplomacy to support the national development process, as well as to promote Egypt’s culture and enhance its civilizational status.

The spokesman concluded his statement, noting that the ceremony also saw the Foreign Minister honoring a group of late ambassadors who died while serving at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in addition to the ambassadors who retired last year. 

A group of diplomats of various grades was also honored, in recognition of their efforts in performing the tasks assigned to them and their professional discipline.

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