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Street children: What they are not

We see them everywhere. They beg, they clean cars, they fight in the street. We see mothers with their babies and babies without their mothers. We see them in wheelchairs, sitting on the ground, leaning on our cars. Begging, touching us. Asking us to help them, for the love of God. We see them sleeping in the street, under a blanket, on a piece of cardboard. Sometimes, we mistake them for a pile of garbage. They are everywhere, all day, all night. We call them street children and most of us have never exchanged a single word with them.

Daily News Egypt

On Int’l Street Children Day, NGOs shed light on phenomenon

By Mennatallah Fouad Youssef CAIRO: For long street children have been subject to abuse, humiliation and immense poverty. They also face greater risks of illegal detention and are the most subjected to police brutality, experts say. Street children make up around 8 percent of paid and unpaid labor, according to latest studies. On April 12, …