UPDATE: ‘Street Children’ released 4 days after court order

Daily News Egypt
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The members of satirical group “Street Children” were released from detention on Sunday, after the South Cairo Court accepted their appeal on their detention renewal on Wednesday.

The group members were granted a release on Wednesday, but were still held in detention, except for one member who walked free on Saturday.

The group’s members appealed their latest detention renewal on Monday; it was the tenth renewal they had received since their detention.

The members were arrested in May on charges of attempting to topple the regime, publishing offensive videos and inciting people against the authorities.

The court granted the members a release with precautionary measures that have not yet been announced. Though they were granted release on Wednesday, this decision has yet to be implemented.

According to the group’s defence team, the investigations proved that the members are not engaged in any violent practices and do not belong to an outlawed group.

The arrest of the members caused controversy among activists who deemed their detention as a crackdown on freedoms. The band members used to release videos online commenting on ongoing political events.

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