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NCW files complaint with Public Prosecutor over harassment, rape allegations circulated online

The accusations, which surfaced on the social networking site last week, have…

Nehal Samir Nehal Samir

NCW calls for investigating harassment and rape allegations discussed on social media

A group of girls created an Instagram account, collecting evidence against a…

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Prosecution orders detention of a girl killed her assailant after earlier release

North Cairo Court upheld prosecution's appeal against her release

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Female teen accused of stabbing her assailant released on bail

At the end of July, the prosecution renewed the detention of the…

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Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein surrenders on rape charges

Arrest came on same day actor Morgan Freeman issued statement apologising for…

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Court handed Nabil Al-Wahsh 3 years in prison over inciting rape 

General Prosecutor referred lawyer to urgent trial last week

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Germany redefines rape: A survey of international laws

Germany has finally reformed its outdated law on rape and other forms…

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Court releases 2 policemen charged with rape on bail

The two policemen allegedly raped a young woman inside a police car…

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EIPR reviews strategy to combat violence against women

Among main objections to strategy is its vague definition of sexual violence,…

Yousef Saba Yousef Saba

2 policemen tried on sexual assault charges

Policemen initially released on bail, but prosecution general referred them to criminal…

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