NCW calls for investigating harassment and rape allegations discussed on social media

Nehal Samir
2 Min Read

The National Council for Women (NCW) presided by Maya Morsi, called on all the concerned entities to investigate in harassment and rape allegations currently discussed on social media.
A group of girls created an Instagram account a few days ago, collecting evidence against a young man that includes testimonies on numerous rape incidents committed by him, incidents of sexual harassment, and inappropriate text and voice messages that he sent to several girls. The group attracted a large number of girls since its creation, reaching thousands of followers.
Also, the social media went viral with a specific hashtag in which female students at the American University in Cairo accused their colleague in the AUC of harassing more than 50 girls and raping a 14-year-old girl.
The girls accused this student of harassing and blackmailing them if they did not fulfil his sexual demands.
Commenting on these harassment and rape allegations, the NCW stated in a press statement on Thursday that it is monitoring closely and with great interest, the issue currently discussed on social media. It calls for all concerned entities to investigate it and take the necessary measures.
The Council also calls for all girls to file official reports against the young man so that he gets the punishment he deserves as per the law and becomes an example for whoever touches or harasses girls.

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