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Fuel subsidies hurt industry, Egyptians alike: head of Petroleum, Mining Industries Chamber at FEI

For the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI), considering fuel subsidies was a…

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Investments in feeding industries amounted to EGP 16bn, employs 50,000: El Kady

No country completely manufactures entire car, focusing on components better alternative

Mohamed Al-Roubi Mohamed Al-Roubi

Country must reconsider gas consumption system, utilise it on large scale in industry: El-Gabaly

Ministry plans to raise industrial products’ growth rates to 8% by 2020,…

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FEI repeats initiatives to address austerity measures

The Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI) has launched an initiative to urge…

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FEI, FEDCOC, Parliament dispute on financial fines, prison sentences in consumer protection law

The Committee introduces penalties amounting to 5 years imprisonment, FEI, FEDCOC reject

Abdel Razek Al-Shuwekhi Abdel Razek Al-Shuwekhi

FEB, FEI organise conference on transformation into non-monetary economy for 16 January

The Federation of Egyptian Banks (FEB) and the Federation of Egyptian Industries…

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Discussions with FEI to send promotional missions to Egyptian companies in Senegal

Israel rivals Egypt politically, but Iran, Turkey, China economically in Senegalese market

Nehal Samir Nehal Samir

EGP flotation raises cement exports to 1 million tonnes in Q1

Cement sector did not export since 2009, says head of cement production…

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FEI discusses application of energy price increases with energy council

The executive regulations of the Investment Law will be issued within three…

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FEI number of Investment Law articles to 56 to facilitate investment process

The Investment Law will be discussed in parliament next week

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