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AMIC’s reports between cars’ sales figures, actual sales

Parent company does not review its reports with us, says chairperson of…

Nour Ahmed Nour Ahmed

Awaited protocol for automotive industry between FEI, South Africa

A delegation from the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI) went to visit…

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Automotive companies’ profits are 16% of car price, ‘Let it Rust’ campaign is almost over: Masrouga

Daily News Egypt interviewed Raafat Masrouga, the honorary head of the Automotive…

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Dershal celebrates first conversion of diesel car into electric vehicle

Dershal Company for the manufacture of batteries for electric cars celebrated the…

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CBE interest rate cut won’t benefit automotive market: experts

Decline was limited, will not stimulate car sales, say banks

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Feeder industries need government support: El Kady

How would car exports improve if government cannot realise industry's importance?

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In the shadow of stagnation, Egypt imposes notary fees on cars

90% of sales in used market is conducted through power of attorney,…

Zamzam Mostafa Zamzam Mostafa

Individual imports of European cars, solution to crisis or unnecessary experiment?

DNE publishes conditions of personal car imports exempted from customs

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Mercedes-Benz will start assembling its cars in Egypt soon

2019 will be year of achievements, representing new breakthroughs in Egyptian automotive…

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Electric cars in Egypt: need to cope with global market or social significance?

Egypt unprepared, there is no infrastructure, experts warn

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